The four categories of Commercial Kitchen Equipment

The Four Categories of Commercial Kitchen Equipment - How to organize it!

When you start any kind of business, it is important to be organized and sure about how to run it. So, in the restaurant business case, it involves the same. Any restaurant, hotel, institutional or corporate kitchen needs a neat organization, a place to store things, and specialized equipment. You need to make the space ready for any professional chef to work efficiently. Just imagine, for example, if you start a restaurant in Chicago, so you hire a chef. But once in his workplace, he finds out there are not the necessary appliances to cook. It sets a bad example for your restaurant. Whether you decide on used appliances in Chicago or specific equipment, it needs to be ready for people to work. Here we present to you the four categories of Commercial Kitchen Equipment.

First: Food Storage

An important thing for most commercial kitchens is to have many storage options. This is where they can keep their ingredients fresh until they are used. When you plan a restaurant, you definitely need to include one.

You might be asking about the size and capacity of the food storage. This will depend on the volume of food your kitchen produces and how many products it must maintain. But all storage needs to include a space for fresh ingredients, frozen food, and dry ingredients. For example, in the case of dry food, your storage needs to be able to protect them from infestation, moisture, and contamination. For that matter, make sure there are covered plastic bins and storage shelves away from water sources, etc.

Another tip we can give you to organize this place is to remember that some food storage needs to be close to where food is prepared. This is the case with vegetables for salads, spices, and seasonings.

The four categories of Commercial Kitchen Equipment food storage

Second: Food Preparation

You will focus on all the instruments needed to turn ingredients into dishes meals for this category. Make sure you have all your type of restaurant needs to prepare that food. Everything needs to be ready to use, from mixers, bowls, spoons, whisks, knives, slicers, processors, and blenders. The type of appliance needed will vary depending on the food you prepare. Some kitchens might use large floor mixes, while others only stand mixers. You can consider buying new ones for your restaurant. But another great option for your budget is to buy used appliances in Chicago. They also work well, and you can find anything you need.

Third: Cooking

The four categories of Commercial Kitchen Equipment cooking

Now, it comes the category where you need to prepare for the cooking itself. As we said earlier, and it applies to this category as well, the equipment you choose depends on what food your kitchen cooks. For example, there are some commercial kitchens that need a full array of ovens, which includes rack ovens, convection ovens, microwaves, tunnel ovens and similar.

Likewise, there are other restaurants that need steamers, fryers, toasters, grills, etc. Just remember to check on the availability of power sources and the energy efficiency. Most of this equipment needs electricity, gas, or a combination of both. Furthermore, in this category, the personal protective equipment (PPE) is also included. You also need to watch over your personal’s safety. Provide them with insulated potholders, heat-resistant aprons, and, obviously, a place where to safe them while they are not using it.

Fourth: Maintenance and Miscellaneous

The fouth category under the four categories of commercial kitchen equipment are the cleaning products. As much as preparing and cooking is important for your kitchen, you will also spend some time cleaning it. Having a clean and healthy establishment is essential for your commercial kitchen business. Otherwise, it can lead to diseases and food poisoning, and authorities in charge of it can shut your restaurant down. For instance, there are some restaurants that use large capacity dishwashers that can clean at high temperatures than other residential machines. You should also include cleaning supplies like buckets, mops and detergents, and store them in a separate area. Another good idea to implement is to invest in technology. That means, you can make your waitstaff to transmit orders by using a tablet, or by screens displayed in the kitchen. All this will ensure a good restaurant maintenance. So, when you select equipment for your commercial kitchen, make sure you are picking the best ones.

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Ready for a successful commercial kitchen equipment?

Now you know the four categories of commercial kitchen equipment. So, organization and preparation are important if you want to be successful in this restaurant business. By paying attention to each category, you can make sure everything runs well there. And this is not just for you, but for your chef, waiters, and all staff that work alongside you.