Tips for keeping your commercial refrigerator organized

Tips for keeping your commercial refrigerator organized

When you work in a commercial restaurant business, you know how important it is to keep everything clean, organized, and pristine. You are working in an industry where this is key to running your business and full of clients. People need to know that the place they will eat complies with all sanitization rules in Chicago and everywhere. Even more under our current world’s circumstances, where the people’s health is at risk. Furthermore, a better-organized kitchen area, especially the refrigerator one, will ease your work progress. A commercial refrigerator is a place you will be visiting and using a lot during work. So, if you take good care of your used appliances in Chicago, do the same for your refrigerator. Here, we give you some tips for keeping your commercial refrigerator organized.

Don’t forget to unplug your refrigerator

Before thinking on keeping the fridge organized, you need to make sure it works ok. Just think that you do not pay attention to how is running, and actually is not frizzing anything. All your food store there will get ruined. This also means a waste of money!

To avoid this sort of disasters, unplug your refrigerator from time to time, especially if you are going to clean it. Furthermore, let’s not just think about your waste of food, think about any kind of injures that can happen if the fridge is not working well.

Some of your employees, or yourself, can get injured or electrocuted. This process of unplugging is just a quick and easy step, that won’t take you too long. So, don’t forget to do it.

Throw away any expired or moldy food

Sometimes you might buy in advance to always have every food needed at hand. And each thing you buy, you put it into the fridge, and the other stuff begins to being pushed to the back and disappearing. Just take a moment to remember about this stuff, and throw everything that looks suspicious. Perhaps, some can get confused and ended up using one of this material. It will run your entire food, or even, your restaurant’s reputation. Set a time for this task. It can be at the end of the weekend. And keep only the essential, that you know is still fresh.

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Add label to any opened products

This tip will also help you with the previous one. When you buy a new ingredient or product to use in your kitchen, it is essential to keep track of it.

Once you open a certain product, it can be an excellent help to add labels to it. By doing this, you know when it was opened, what it contains, and how fresh it is. Another great tip is that you can use color-coded bins instead of adding labels.

If you can easily differentiate every product in your kitchen, you can maximize efficiency. A labeled product or a color-coded bin will help your staff find what they are looking for quickly and will prevent them from using something rotten.

Store meat items on the lowest shelves

We are talking about one specific type of food. This is for food safety precaution. Why not try to store your meat on the lowest shelf? When you work in a commercial restaurant, most of your meat will be marinated or thawed. If you decided to keep it in the upper shelves, it can cause to accident spill and contaminate other food products below the meat. So, to avoid ruining your fresh food, better store the meat on the lowest shelves. You might prevent a mess. Plus, it is much easier to clean, if any kind of spill is on the floor, than on other food product.

Store fresh products away from fans

As we have advised you to keep your meat items on the lowest shelves, fresh products should also be stored in a space inside the refrigerator that is away from fans. This spot has to be strategically chosen since the refrigerator has internal fans that can actually damage some food items, for example, fresh greens, or delicate fruits like strawberries.

When your fresh products are near to fan vents, they are very susceptible to damage. Just imagine if you have just bought some fresh food for your restaurant, and you place it in the wrong spot inside your fridge. You open it up to use the next day, and find out that everything is ruined. You will need to buy new ones, thus, wasting more money. If you have already saved some money from your used restaurant equipment Chicago, you need to save it when it comes to food.

So, in case of your fresh products, it is better if they stay away from fans. Likewise, you can also put them in sealed containers, so they can maintain their integrity.

Tips for keeping your commercial refrigerator organized store fresh food away from fans

Leave space between food items

When you have your refrigerator from a used restaurant equipment in Chicago, you know you got a place where you can store all your food to avoid wasting it. Yes, it is great to have equipment like that. But, though our first impulse might be to pack your fridge using every space of it, it is not the best thing to do for your food. To keep your food in good conditions, it is better if the cold air can freely circulate. You should better leave about three to six inches of space between the walls of the fridge and the food products. This will help to avoid any kind of hot spots, and uneven cooling and freezing.

Clean the surrounding area

Tips for keeping your commercial refrigerator organized clean the surrounding area

One thing you shouldn’t forget is about the exterior of the refrigerator. While focusing on what is inside is important, since it is where your food is stored, the surrounding area is also important. Being your commercial kitchen a busy place, you need to make sure that every part is safe and clean to work in.

Likewise, your food in inside the fridge. If the external areas are dirty, that is bad for your food as well. So, make sure that you clean the area underneath, on top and around the refrigerator. You can schedule your employees and you to mop the floors and to also dust the top of the unit.

When your used restaurant equipment Chicago is clean and organized inside and outside, it will contribute to a better-looking kitchen. Plus, it will reduce the risks of slips and falls inside.

A clean and organized commercial refrigerator

As you follow this tips for keeping your commercial refrigerator organized, pay attention to any kind of restaurant equipment, tool or used appliance, you also need to look for your commercial refrigerator. It is such an important place for your kitchen. Your food needs to stay fresh for your clients. And when something is fresh, it tastes better, and the people will like it. They will for sure come back to your restaurant. Furthermore, just think about how chaotic a commercial kitchen is at any time. People running from one place to another, with many things to do, cook and serve. And you can save them and yourself this time if they find an organized commercial refrigerator. Just think about opening your fridge and finding what you need quickly. The efficiency of your restaurant employers will rise too.

Plus, the more organized your refrigerator is, the less it is likely to suffer from any kind of malfunction. If everything is running the way it is supposed, you won’t need to get worry about your fridge breaking down. Though, you cannot expect to be surprised if your fridge still needs a repair. In this case, you can always trust a used kitchen equipment repair in Chicago to take care of it. But, in any case, with a well-organized fridge, your whole kitchen will run more efficiently, so follow this tips for keeping your commercial refrigerator organized.