How to work safe with a Deep Fryer?

How to work safe with a Deep Fryer?

How to work safe with a Deep Fryer?

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How to work safe with a Deep Fryer?

 The use of a deep fryer in the kitchen is almost always necessary for any cooking process. For example, there are many recipes that requires this equipment, deep-fried chicken, potato croquettes, fried plantains, tempura, etc. Depend on the type of restaurant you run, you will adjust your menu, but a deep fryer will be present among your top restaurant equipment. So, for the same reason of a frequent use, you also need to know the way to stay safe when using one. In fact, this is a dangerous piece of equipment. You will be handling high temperatures and potentially volatile liquids, that you can be at risk of burning you or your restaurant. Of course, it is good if you hire a commercial kitchen equipment repair in Chicago, to check if everything is running well. But there are some things you can do yourself to be safe. Then, we want to show you how to work safe with a Deep Fryer?

Be spatially aware

Something you need to look when you work with the boiling oil of a deep fryer is the space and everything that surrounds you. The thing with kitchens is that everybody is always running from one place to another, focusing on the food they are making. Imagine just being in a restaurant in Chicago, where many people come and goes, and there is a lot of food to cook.

And you are in charge of using the deep fryer. So, you need to be careful when you manipulate the catchers in the fryer. Every time you go from one place to another, tell it to everyone around you. This is because you are carrying potentially harmful material. People around you need to be aware, so as not to get in your path, and avoid possible accidents.

How to work safe with a Deep Fryer spatially aware

Wear protective clothes

This might be a little obvious to anyone who works with dangerous materials, but it is still worth remembering. Make sure that you wear close-toe footwear, so that you won’t slip in the kitchen. When you work with a deep fryer, there is slippery material going around, and you’d better not fall. Likewise, this type of shoe will prevent your toes from exposure to boiling oil. Furthermore, include into your items, mitts to protect your hand, and tight-fitting clothing to avoid being covered by oil. Nevertheless, it is important that you do not exaggerate. Some of these protecting items can also inhibit your ability to manipulate objects well, like the deep fryer. And this can also result in injuries. So, wear the right clothes, that also don’t stop you from performing your job well.

Pick an oil with high smoke point

How to work safe with a Deep Fryer oil

With a deep fryer, you will always need to use oil to work in it. So, picking the right type of oil is key for a good food and for your own safety. A high smoke point refers to the temperature the oil can be heated to before it smokes and burns.

In a deep fryer, you need to use an oil with a high smoke point for your well-being. We recommend you to use saturated and monosaturated oils, since they are the most stable while frying. Likewise, oils with rich polyphenols or antioxidants are easy to work with during high temperature. Any of these options are good to choose for your deep fryer.

Plus, you need to be constantly checking the temperature of your oil. Be sure it does not go up to 190 °C, or it may catch fire. You can use a thermometer, or with a cube of bread (when the oil is at moderate heat, it should brown in 30 to 40 seconds).

Don’t put wet food in the fryer

If you put wet food in the fryer, you may cause some serious injuries. Excess liquid can cause the oil to splutter everywhere, and this can not only damage you, but any person walking by. They can get serious burns from it, not only in their hands or feet, but also in their faces. And this is serious since a really delicate part of your face, like your eyes, can get injured. So, before thinking on putting into the deep fryer, try to pat dry with kitchen paper. Or you can also wait for it to dry a little bit more. Waiting a few more minutes might not do harm to you. It is better to avoid the oil to splutter.

Take care of your fryer

One of the best ways to be sure you are safe when working with a deep fryer is to make sure it is working well. You need to check that the deep fryer is clean and in good shape.

Some accidents may happen when there are some failures going on with the equipment, and you have neglected an adequate maintenance. If you don’t know how to keep it well, you can as well hire a commercial kitchen equipment repair Chicago. The professionals will know how to take care of your fryer.

How to work safe with a Deep Fryer take care

Never leave your pan of hot oil unattended

We know how busy a kitchen can become, especially during lunch or dinner time. Everybody is looking for their food to be ready on time. Meanwhile, in the kitchen’s restaurant, you are probably running to finish on time. Perhaps, someone else has asked for help to finish a certain dish, and you decide to lend them your hand. So, you leave unattended your spot. But it happens that you were in charge of the deep fryer. So, the deep fryer with very hot oil can become a safety hazard to everyone there. Why? Because just leaving the pan for a minute or two can make the oil overheat until the point of catching fire. Try to always keep an eye on your deep fryer to avoid this kind of accidents. If you are in charge of the deep fryer, or you have putted someone in charge of it, let everyone know about it. So that, they know they cannot ask for your help, because you are focused on the deep fryer.

Don’t overfill your Deep Fryer

How to work safe with a Deep Fryer don't overfill your deep fryer

Any type of deep fryer model will give you a max filling point. You might think it is not important to follow this rule, and fill it with more oil, so you can cook more. This is a mistake.

The filling point is there to ensure you don’t pour too much oil into the deep fryer. If you fill it with more than what was indicated, the oil may start to bubble up once the food is added. Once this happens, your oil can spill all over the fryer and the kitchen’s floor. And this is especially dangerous since it is hot oil that can burn you.

Or, in case it is not hot oil, having oil in your clothes or hands is extremely dangerous too. This ingredient is highly flammable. Once you approach to another place with the fire open (all kitchens have fire in their stove), you can catch on fire, and injured yourself. So, always follow the instructions and the measures the deep fryer gives you.

A safe way to handle a Deep Fryer!

If you have gotten a deep fryer, it is time to follow these tips to avoid any kind of accidents while working. You are ensuring your life and also the life of your employees. Plus, another way to ensure your deep fryer is going well is to constantly be checking it up. In case you notice something strange, you can perfectly contact a used kitchen equipment repair in Chicago. It is better to have everything in order to avoid accidents.

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