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Are you looking for a good quality ice cream truck or a full trailer kitchen? You will find great deals here. We offer the best food trucks for sale in Chicago.

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Food Trucks for Sale Chicago

Food Trucks are a business model that we like to encourage in our customers since it essentially allows them to sell food at reasonable prices in different locations. With this, we facilitate the transportation of merchandise, products and the speed of preparation and delivery of meals.

All-Purpose Food Trucks Chicago

Our mobile kitchens are characterized by their variety and versatility. A mix that will allow you to sell delicious products in the most profitable locations. Get the attention of all your customers and keep the food you sell at its highest quality.

food trucks for sale in Chicago

Pizza Food Trucks Chicago

Pizza is the favorite fast food among shoppers of all ages. It doesn’t need large refrigeration spaces and can be very economical if you choose the right ingredients. Discover the profitable advantages of this business by acquiring your own mobile pizza kitchen.

Ice Cream Trucks Chicago

In the middle of the heat of these days, surprise the children of all the neighborhoods of your city by bringing them ice cream to their doorstep. Our Ice Cream Trucks have the best refrigeration systems and ice cream conditioning spaces so that your products always arrive in their best consistency to your customers.

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Barbecue Food Trucks Chicago

Feel the pride of serving the best BBQ in your city with the finest equipment. Get to know what these influential mobile kitchens have to offer you and the equipment they have in them ready to give quality to your products. 

Catering Food Trucks Chicago

Suppose your dream is to accompany the most important events in people’s lives. In that case, you should consider having a mobile food business that allows you to reach any special occasion with the best products. It’s time to give your customers a luxury service and the best attention from your Catering Food Truck. Food Trucks For Sale Chicago here in Medieval Restaurant Equipment.

Food truck manufacturing in Chicago
Trucks for sale

Bakery Food Trucks Chicago

Make money with a stationary food truck by baking the freshest bread in your city. You can reach them with mobile kitchen service no matter where your customers are.

Snowball Trucks Chicago


Delight your customers with the best-frozen treats made in your Snowball Truck, fully prepared for any weather, keep your products wholly frozen, just the way your shoppers like them. Don’t wait for them to come to you. Go to them.

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Lunch Serving Food Trucks Chicago

Every afternoon, people are hungry after the first day and want to eat a delicious lunch to replenish their energy. Give them the best food experiences by using an excellent mobile kitchen integrated into your Lunch Service Truck. With the power of its equipment, you will be able to cook quickly to satisfy all your customers.

Coffee and Beverage Trailer

People love to listen to good music while drinking coffee in the afternoon. The problem is that anyone can sell coffee anywhere. But if you can go anywhere and give this experience to your customers, your name and your brand will have the reputation you need to be recognized wherever your coffee business goes. So what are you waiting for to acquire a Coffee and Beverage Trailer?

Looking for easy to customize trucks in Chicago?

The food trucks we offer give you the possibility to add any details that will reflect the image of your brand. Once you buy your food truck, you can customize it to fit your food truck’s image. We recommend you do this so that it becomes the most eye-catching food truck in the block.

We have the best Food Trucks for Sale in Chicago

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Mobile Businesses for Sale

Mobile Office Trucks

If you want to travel and need to mobilize without stopping work, it’s time to ask about our Mobile Office Trucks. Their wide space design will allow you to connect your equipment, distribute your staff and create suitable scenarios for your meetings.

Mobile Boutique Trucks

Fashion doesn’t stop, and neither do your sales, if you get a Mobile Boutique Truck to reach all your customers. Don’t wait for them to come to visit your store if you can arrive them. Come and see our vehicles’ shelving and exhibition spaces and fall in love with our Fashion Trucks.

Mobile Hair Salon Trucks

When everyone wants a style change, you must be at the forefront to satisfy your customers. Your Mobile Hair Salon Truck will be able to visit any event to give a makeover to all your guests. Don’t hesitate any longer and start your engines. The electric capacity of our vehicles will provide you with the security you need to offer the best service.

trucks for sale hair

Marketing Promo Vehicles

If you are a promotion lover and recognize the advantages of advertising, it is time to acquire a Marketing Promo Vehicle. Its ability to move through the city’s streets dynamically, delivering your clients’ messages will give them the recognition they need in the market. Our mobile equipment will allow you to project messages with music and video, making them attractive. Ask for our mobile trucks.

Pet Care / Vet / Dog Grooming Trucks

Don’t let your clients travel long distances to bring their pets to you if you can reach them first. Our variety of trucks has adequate spaces for Dog Grooming and primary veterinary attention. Get to know our equipment, and you will be surprised.

dog grooming trucks

Built Code-Compliant


Our food trucks meet the entirety of the codes. We consider everything from mechanical usefulness, security consistency to commercial codes. In case you’re searching for high-quality trucks, we are the most ideal alternative.


High-Quality Kitchen Equipment

We realize how significant running a profitable food truck is. That is the reason we are here to address your issues. Moreover, we offer efficient and the best quality food trucks with the goal that you can begin your business.


Easy to Clean Surfaces

We offer you trucks that have kitchen equipment that is not difficult to clean so you can save time. Our tempered steel ledges, serving windows, cooking hardware, and capacity racks are effectively kept clean. Likewise, this kind of gear won’t interfere with your day by day activities.


Made For Any Type of Cuisine

Do you specialize in Italian or Mexican food? We have a wide variety of food trucks so you can pick the one that benefits your business the most. We understand what is that you need to grow your business.


Looking for easy to customize trucks in Chicago?

The food trucks we offer give you the possibility to add any details that will reflect the image of your brand. Once you buy your food truck, you can customize it to fit your food truck’s image. We recommend you do this so that it becomes the most eye-catching food truck in the block.

Food Truck Kitchen Maintenance


You should check for gas leaks and clean combustion fans to keep everything running properly. Likewise, make sure that the oil you’re using is of good quality, and clean your fryer regurlarly.


The burners have to be cleaned every two days. You should also check if the thermostat is working properly. In case it’s not, call our kitchen repair service.

Griddles & Grills

You only have to clean the burners, check the grease filters, and always wipe them down after use.


Fridges & Freezers

If you want to preserve the food supplies, keep the refrigeration equipment working well. You should check the refrigerant level, the electrical connections, and the suction line insulation. And, of course, clean the gaskets, lubricate the hinges, and calibrate the thermometers.

Dishwashers & Sinks

It’s recommendable to check the chemical levels of any sanitizer you use. Also, clean the filter every 15-20 cycles. It’s also important to inspect the tank water regularly and hire preventative maintenance if necessary.

Common Food Truck Kitchen Hazards

Manual handling

If the load is too much work for you, you could damage yourself and the kitchen equipment. Also, avoid pushing wheeled racks and carrying stacks of plates. Make sure you follow the equipment’s instructions for safe use.

Failure to Inspect the Deep Fat Fryer

You have to make sure your deep fat fryer is working properly because in case it’s not, it could lead to a kitchen fire. This is, in fact, one of the most common causes of kitchen fires. Thus, hire services to maintain your deep fat fry and clean it regularly to avoid any problems.

Lack of Cleaning

It’s essential to properly clean all your kitchen equipment at least once every three months. This is very beneficial since it could even extend your equipment’s lifetime.

Replacement Of Parts

On the off chance that your technician recommends you replace your kitchen gear, you should do it. It’s smarter to not stand by until it breaks down completely because this could happen in a working day. This is why our company offers an emergency repair service.

Improper Ventilation

Your ventilation should be working appropriately consistently. If the kitchen begins to get too hot, the gear could break down. This is the reason it’s essential to hire preventative maintenance and to replace it if necessary.


How do I start buying a food truck?

It's important to first do your research. Inform yourself more about food truck licenses, permits, and financing your investment. You can then look for places where they sell food trucks.

What size food truck do I need?

A 16' or 18' Step-Van is ideal for your food truck business. But you should check if there is a size restriction in the state you want to operate in. Also, take into consideration the common size for your specific food truck business.

What should I look for when comparing food truck models?

We recommend you take into account the characteristics you are looking for your business when comparing food truck models. Always consider the quality level and price. Also, pay attention to the layout of your kitchens and the brand of equipment inside the food truck.

Are there certain sanitary standards?

It's a must to have a 3-compartment sink, a separate sink for handwashing, and fresh and gray water holding tanks. You should also have hot water heater, and smooth, light-colored interior surfaces. But remember that the sanitary codes may vary according the state.

What equipment can I install in a food truck?

You should consider the size of your food truck and the local regulations. Some other aspects to consider are the power of the equipment, the size of your fume hood, and the size of the van. If you have any more doubts about which piece of equipment to get, our team will galdly assist you.

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Company Information

Here in Medieval Used Restaurant Equipment, we take pride in everything we offer. We are aware of how demanding it is to maintain a food truck. That is why we make sure that your business is prepared to face the toughest of workdays with the help of our services.


It is a must to meet all the regulatory requirements so that you can open your food truck business in a safe way. Here are the commonly mobile food truck licenses and permits in Berwyn.
  • Employer identification number (EIN)
  • Business license
  • Vehicle license
  • Seller’s permit
  • Food handler’s permit
  • Health department permit
  • Fire certificates