Summer Maintenance Tips for your Kitchen Equipment

Summer Maintenance Tips for your Kitchen Equipment

Summer in Chicago can be an excellent season for your restaurant business if you plan the right marketing campaign and take care of everything around you. The summer means people have more free time, fewer jobs, and children are off school. And all these make it perfect for them to go to restaurants to have a nice meal. So, your place will for sure be crowded and busy. You need everything to run smoothly, not to lose any clients. As summer is good for your business, you need to be alert of any disruption that may happen in your kitchen. The heat and temperature can spoil some of your kitchen tools. Then, here we present you with some summer maintenance tips for your kitchen equipment.

Try Induction Plates

Summer Maintenance Tips for your Kitchen Equipment

During summer, one of the main problems with kitchens is that they tend to heat up, and cooking there may turn into a nightmare. One good solution to avoid this is to keep the oven off and choose dishes to prepare cold or cook on the stovetop. You might need to adjust your menu selection. But it will be worthy. After all, what people are looking for during summer is to freshen up a little bit.

Likewise, even when stove burners are a great option, they are also a powerful heat source. So, you can try using induction plates. This device works through electromagnetism and creates heat within itself. And this avoids that the air around the pan heats up and distributes the heat better to cook the food.

You can look for this appliance in a used kitchen equipment Chicago store. Let us assure you that you will find it very useful.

Keep an eye on your refrigerator

Summer Maintenance Tips for your Kitchen Equipment

The refrigerator will become your friend during summer since it is the only place to keep your dishes and food fresh. So, you want to make sure that it will run well during the whole journey. Even when you have used commercial equipment in Chicago, you need to take care of these appliances for the sake of your business. Likewise, you can ask the company where you got the equipment to help you maintain it if needed.

First, try not to overload your refrigerator. When the fridge is more crowded with food and beverages, the compressor must work harder to keep everything fresh. It is much better if there is air circulating food.

Also, you can limit the number of times someone opens the fridge door. When the door is open, the temperature inside also drops several degrees, and the compressor needs to work even harder to maintain an optimum temperature. Furthermore, it would help if you kept the door gaskets clean. So, avoid any buildup of sticky food that might end up ruining your refrigerator. Try with warm water and a sponge to clean it up.

Another thing you can do to maintain your fridge is to vacuum off the refrigerator coils along the bottom front or back of your appliance. And, one last thing, don’t forget to through expired or rotten food. It can infect other things and will keep your fridge from smelling fresh.

Take care of the dishwater

Since we said that summer is perfect for more clients to come, you can also expect the number of plates you’ll be using will increase. So, your dishwater needs to be running at its best. To achieve that, keep the filter clean. This is because when there are food particles behind, your filter might be plugged. And this will limit the flow of water to the spray arms. Clean the screen with a wet/dry vacuum. You can try to clean any debris trapped inside the food rains. For that, you can choose a soft brush or sponge.

Also, check for gaps or cracks. Because if there is one, you will need to replace the gasket of your dishwater. And last but not least, to keep the dishwater running well with an odor-free aspect, you can pour a cup of white vinegar into the basin and a detergent cup once a month. This will help keep everything in order.

So, make sure everything is running well!

Summer Maintenance Tips for your Kitchen Equipment

If you give time and effort to your kitchen appliances, you will find it easy to run a smooth kitchen with minimum problems. Summer is a perfect time to build up your restaurant, but you also need to watch your kitchen equipment. Try your best, and you will see how well-maintenance the things are. And don’t forget if you need equipment for your kitchen, ask us for the best Used Kitchen Equipment in Chicago.