Maintenance Checklist for your Food Truck

Maintenance Checklist for your Food truck

Since Food Trucks have become a widely popular type of business nowadays in Chicago, the level of competition may have risen too. So, opening and running a food truck seems like an excellent idea to begin. You will definitely put in long hours of hard work to have a successful business. But what if you do not save some time to make sure that your food truck is fully operational and in good condition? With the daily use, there might be some potential risks for your truck to fail, and it can impact negatively on your business. Because without a food truck, you cannot get your delicious menu to your customers. Then, it is important to schedule a maintenance time to check on your food truck. If you are not sure about how to do it, here in our Food Trucks for Sale Chicago, we will show you a maintenance checklist for your Food Truck.

In this checklist, we want to show you how to do a daily checklist routine and a schedule one. This will help you organize better. There are some things that are better to do and check daily, to be sure that your food truck will run well the next day. Besides, there are some other things that you should check up on a regular basis. Here is how to schedule both of them:

Daily routine:

  • Walk everyday around your truck to check the condition of it. This is in case you can notice any flat tires, dents or windows cracks. You can also check the windshield wipers, and if there is any kind of external damage. In case there is one, try to fix it as soon as possible to have a well-running truck every day. Furthermore, it is important for your truck’s appearance.
  • Once you have looked for outside the truck, begin with the internal inspection. Check the belts, hoses and lines. Also, take a look at the fluid levels of oil, engine, steering and wiper. This is for you to be sure that your food truck will start every day.
  • After you checked the truck, let’s begin with the equipment. Remember to not hose it down, or you could damage the electrical equipment. Clean gently all the grease from the truck. Do not forget about the cooking appliances and areas. Likewise, clean inside the refrigerators and freezer.
Maintenance Checklist for your Food truck daily routine

Schedule routine:

  • Choose one day a week to check your belts, hoses and lines, and also the air pressure in your tires. You can follow the instructions of the Food Truck for Sale Chicago company you call to get your truck.
  • Do a periodic battery test for your food truck to run smoothly. This is importantly especial during winter.
  • Clean regularly hood filters and air condition filters.
  • To finish with, you can clean the rooftop once a month. Remember to do an exhaustive clean for your food truck to always have a presentable look.
Maintenance Checklist for your Food truck schedule routine