Which Items You Should Never Put in the Dishwasher

Which Items You Should Never Put in the Dishwasher

One of the things that seem to bother more when owning a restaurant is the part where you need to clean and wash all your utensils or instruments to cook. It is certainly a necessary task to do, especially if you want your kitchen to look clean, neat and ready for the next day in your restaurant in Chicago. Then, the dishwasher appeared. And its apparition changed the game for many restaurants since it made the cleaning process much easier and faster. The dishwasher was created to distribute the detergent solution, along with water all over the dishes or other kind of utensils. So, basically, a dishwasher can accomplish all these laborious tasks. Being a new one or a used kitchen equipment in Chicago, they do their job. But while it is an excellent help in the kitchen, there are still certain things that are not supposed to be used by one. Here, we want to show you which items you should never put in the dishwasher.

Any Plastic-related Material

In general, if you want to use your dishwasher for items made from hard, thick plastic, it can be done. Some cutting boards or mixing bowls can perfectly fit into a dishwasher, and will set you free from certain cleaning tasks.

However, there are some plastic containers that are made of softer, more flexible plastic. When you notice that the material of your item is like that, it is better to clean it by hand. Some plastic items can warp, and also get scratched or become dull. Likewise, it has happened that some pieces have melted, then broken off. The result of this? It ends up damaging the filter.

To avoid any kind of damage to your plastic bowl or your dishwasher, better check on the material first. If you decide to use it still, place it on the top rack of the dishwasher to avoid your items to get the heat of the wash cycle.

Any kind of kitchen knives

Some experts have indicated that any chef knives should always be hand washed. If you have a set of good kitchen knives, to protect them, do not use the dishwasher as it is detrimental to the overall quality of them. Sometimes, the type of detergent used at these machines are too abrasive, and can end up causing rust or corrosion. Moreover, the dishwasher can dull the knife’s edge, which means it will not cut the same. In addition, the heat of the wash cycle can loosen the handles over time, which it can be dangerous too.

plastic dishes for dishwater

Any Delicate-Stuff

Which Items You Should Never Put in the Dishwasher any delicate stuff

When we talk about delicate stuff, we are including any fine china, painted items, crystal items or something with metal elements such as gold or plate. You might think it is a good idea to use your used commercial kitchen equipment Chicago, ‘dishwasher’, to have a better overall cleaning.

However, the process itself and some elements can be too abrasive for these items. If you decide to still use the dishwasher for them, you might find that some can chip, fade or lose their finish. Likewise, your fine china can end up cracking during the wash cycle! You know how delicate these items are, and for that, they are also not quite affordable.

So, if you are looking for your antique items or painted ceramics to get ruined, you should handwash them. It will be better for the preservation of your unique stuff.

Any Nonstick Cookware

This new type of nonstick cookware is very used these days for its benefits. With the slick coating, you can manage to avoid food from sticking into the pan. It is really useful in kitchens to especially cook scrambled eggs, or any kind of crispy chicken. So, due to its material, this make the cookware easier to clean after it’s been used. But unless it has been specified by the manufacturer, it is better to handwash this item. As it is made from Teflon, if used in the dishwasher, it can eventually wear off. Plus, sometimes the whole cleaning process of this machine can get your nonstick cookware to get scratched. Then, if you want your cookware to last longer, keep it away from the dishwasher.

Any Wood-related Material

While it might be tempting to put all your wooden cutting boards along with your dishes in the dishwater, it is definitely not a good idea. When you expose wood to high heat and moisture, it is very likely that the wood will warp, splinter and break after some time.

Every time you expose wood to water in high temperatures (like the ones that are found in a dishwasher), it will for sure damage your cutting boards and can crack the wood while functioning. Likewise, the detergents used can be too abrasive for the wood, scratching it in the process. That is why it is recommendable to handwash these items.

wood dishes

Any Repaired Object

It is inevitable that some things in your kitchen break down, so they need a repairment. For example, you may have some glasses, or plates that have been chipped or broken, then you have glued them back together. It can be an excellent decision for some things you are using in your kitchen alone. If there are still in good conditions, you can decide to do this. But if you use your used kitchen equipment in Chicago, that means, your dishwasher, the repair may be worthless. As we pointed out before, the dishwasher process can be a little extensive to handle for certain objects. If delicate stuff is at risk of breaking down, what about things that have been glued back together? They will definitely break down again. The force of the water can cause the glue to loosen or to dissolve. This means that the cup you repair will break down again. It is better to avoid this situation, and wash them by hand.

Any Printed Measuring Cups

printed cups and how to wash them in the dish washer

As you probably know, measuring cups are the type of restaurant equipment in Chicago that it is extremely useful. You will definitely need it to measure the volume of liquid or bulk solid cooking ingredients (flour or sugar). If what you are looking is for your foods to have the best taste possible, so that your restaurant can get more recognition, thus more clients, you need to use the exact quantities required.

A measuring cup will help you with that. Then, what will happen if you use a dishwasher to wash your cups? Since it seems like a restaurant object that seems harmless, nothing seems to happen. Probably the first time nothing will. However, over time, the hot water used in the dishwasher will fade all the marking etched on the sides of the cups.

And if the measuring cups do not have measures, it has become useless. Of course, you can use your dishwasher once or twice. But if you want your measuring cups to last longer, you should better handwashing them.

Any Cast Iron Objects

If there is something you should never, by no means, but in the dishwasher is any kind of object by of cast iron. If you have a restaurant equipment Chicago made of cast iron, and you place it inside the dishwasher, be completely sure that, along with the strong detergents, it will get immediately destroyed. Furthermore, this is related to another object we have discussed previously, but some cast iron objects also have a nonstick surface. And in this type of objects, it has taken a lot of time to build it up. So, with the detergents you use in a dishwasher, your cast iron will get strip away of the nonstick surface. When this happens, it will leave your pan totally vulnerable to rust. Then, for these objects, just water and nonabrasive sponges are your best option.

Learn which Items You Should Never Put in the Dishwasher!

So, while having a dishwasher is helpful, you need to know what to use it for. For example, items like Pyrex, dishes, mixing bowls, kitchen shears, sheet pans, silicone and metal kitchen utensils, or stainless-steel cookware and more can be washed by a dishwasher. If you learn which ones not to put in it, your utensils will last longer. You can get a dishwasher at any used restaurant equipment Chicago. If used correctly, you can save yourself, your employees and your commercial kitchen a lot of time.