Top Grilling Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Top Grilling Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Grilling is a form of cooking that involves dry heat that applies to the surface of the food. This is considered one of the fastest cooking methods since the grilling temperatures often exceed 260° C/500 °F. Due to this, this type of cooking is used by many restaurants. And what is best is that you can cook many types of foods such as hot dogs, fish, shrimp, hamburgers, steaks, boneless chicken and turkey or duck. Depending on your type of restaurant, you for sure need a commercial grill in your restaurant. Of course, you can get one of these in a store of used kitchen equipment in Chicago. But many people make some mistakes while grilling without even realizing it. This can compromise the food and quality. If you learn which are those, your restaurant can improve, and you will be able to provide a better service in Chicago. Here are the top grilling mistakes you’re probably making.

1. Using an Outdated Grill

One of the main reasons your grilling is not working is the type of equipment you are using. You can have many skills to grill perfectly, but if your equipment is old, it may not be enough.

Likewise, your grill may sometimes be worn down, or it is not working as it used to at the beginning. Let us tell you that all these influences are deeply the result of your grilling. It would help get a new grill to solve this problem. Do not take for granted that your old grill will last forever. If you cannot afford to buy a new one, buying one from a Medieval Restaurant Equipment will perfectly work as well.

2. Using a Dirty Grill

Top Grilling Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Now, let’s imagine that your grill is a current one, but something is still happening to it. You have taken it to a repair service, but it seems to be working right. What is happening then? The answer could lay in the lack of cleaning you give to your grill. Fragments of meat can get stuck in the cooking area. Or some vents appear to be clogged. You can avoid this problem with proper and regular cleaning and maintenance. Believe it or not, this can affect the taste of your food. So, try to keep it clean.

3. Not Letting the commercial grill Heat Up

Top Grilling Mistakes You’re Probably Making

When you work in a restaurant, you might understand this common mistake. Working in a kitchen is a matter of being constantly in a rush. You need to run from one place to another, and make sure that the food is ready for your consumers. So, during this, you might want your commercial grill to start as fast as it can, to start with the cooking process and have the food ready to serve.

However, you need to give your machine a few minutes to heat up. If you decide not to do this, the food might not be as consistent as it needs to be. You can consider starting the commercial grill up a few minutes before the whole restaurant opens, so it will have the time it needs. In the long run, this will help you with the taste of your food.

4. Not Letting the Food Rest

Top Grilling Mistakes You’re Probably Making

As it happens with the commercial grill before you cook, you need to pay attention with the grilled food after everything is ready. This also happens because of how fast a restaurant usually works. You need to have the dishes on time, so the consumers cannot begin complaining. But just because your piece of meat is done cooking in the grill, it does not mean it is ready to serve and eat it. It might be better for your overall result to let it rest for a few seconds after the cooking is done. When you do this, you let the food a chance to rest, and the temperature can also help kill any remaining germs. It is good for everyone overall.

5. Having an outdated Thermometer

Using a thermometer is not something minimal or optional in a kitchen. Especially when you are using a grill, a thermometer can help you test your food and have a more precise result when cooking. Some types of food need from one when grilling. If the food is a little too cold or cold, it can result in bad food, thus, a bad customer experience.

Sometimes, when you buy from used commercial kitchen equipment in Chicago, you need to really focus on the type of grill you are buying. There are many types of grills. But the good thing about these places is that they can offer you many kinds of grills with a good thermometer. You recommend looking for a grill with a digital thermometer, so your foods will be cooked safely with excellent quality. When you have a restaurant, the least you want to do is to serve undercooked dishes. Make sure the thermometer you are using is a good one.

6. Not Grilling your Vegetables

Top Grilling Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Sometimes, when you buy a grill, you just use it to cook meat and similar. You only focus in grilling the main dish, and left the vegetables aside. After all, it is what seems to matter the most. However, having a dish with just proteins in it is incomplete. A side of vegetables can improve your meal a lot, and give it the balance you and your consumer are looking for. In a grill, you can perfectly cook your vegetables. Let us assure you that it will give your dish, and especially your vegetables, a distinctive flavor. If what you are looking is to have dishes in your restaurant that have a unique taste and flavor, grilling your vegetables is a great option for you.

7. Not preparing The Food Properly

Top Grilling Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Something a professional cook must know is that even if you used the right equipment, you still can get bad results if you haven’t prepped your food properly. The way you manage the food before it goes into the grill matters a lot. If you don’t focus on that, you can assume that your grill is working bad, and that it needs to be taken to an equipment reparation store.

However, there are certain things you can do to get the food equally grill. For example, meat grinders or meat slicers can help you break down the food. So, once in the grill, it will cook in the right amounts and entirely. Just imagine if you serve the food in your restaurant, and the client finds out that their burger or steak is cold in the middle. It might get you a bad review for your business, and a bad experience for your client. It is better to prep your food to avoid this problem.

8. Not using the Vents Properly

Top Grilling Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Any kind of kitchen equipment that uses flames to cook has vents to help it work properly. Especially in your commercial grill, you will be using charcoal or gas for the flames. And as you use these elements, your flame will need the right amount of oxygen to really work. It is just as simple as this: If there is no oxygen, fuel and heat, the flame and fire won’t work. This is all a chemical process that is called combustion process. But what you need to keep in mind is that you need oxygen. For that, your grills have incorporated vents that will help you tweak the flame. You need to use them to have the flame at the appropriate level to start cooking and to get a smoky taste as well. If you forget about this, you might think your equipment needs to be taken into a used kitchen equipment repair Chicago, which is not bad. However, save yourself the trip to this place, and use your grill’s vents properly.

Get The Best Grill Food!

It is not a matter of who use a grill or not. Most kitchens and restaurants will have one, since it is very useful for many types of food. So, if you decide to use one, you need to do it properly. When you grill a meat, and you make certain mistakes, it can affect the taste of the food, thus, harming your restaurant’s reputation. Then, to prevent this, try to follow our advice.