What are the Essential Roasting Tools

What are the Essential Roasting Tools

One of the favorite types of cooking food for many Americans, and in Chicago too, is roasted food. This roasting cooking technique is done when you use dry heat, where hot air covers the food. So, all the food gets cooked evenly at least at 150 °C, using an open flame, oven, or another heat source. Roasting is one of the oldest cooking methods, and it gives the food a unique and delicious flavor. Nowadays, it is used not only with meat but with vegetables too. Given that it is that popular, having a roasting tool is a must for your restaurant to boost your profits. It would help if you had it in your kitchen. And what you need to know is the essential roasting tools to get perfect roasted food. Here is our advice, so you can use it in your restaurant.

Tool 1: A Meat Thermometer

As we said before, the roasting technique cooks the food at a maximum temperature of 150 °C. That is pretty high. So, if you don’t measure it properly, you can end up burning your food. It is hard to know when enough is enough. Then, to avoid any accident that will make you lose the food and put your workers in danger, you need a thermometer to measure the internal temperature of the food you are cooking.

Of course, every roaster works differently. This means that you may have an idea of how many minutes your meat needs to get roasted. But if you are using new roast equipment, it may be different in that case. It is better to check the temperature of your product to avoid any waste. Try inserting the thermometer into the thickest part of the roast. And do not forget to clean your thermometer after every use.

Tool 2: Baking Sheets and Roasting Pans

What are the Essential Roasting Tools

If you are going to roast any food, you need a roasting pan. This is used to get that juicy roast everybody likes in their foods. So, to create a delicious roasted meal, you need a proper roasting pan. On the other hand, using a baking sheet is not a bad idea. While you might think that it is only helpful for baking purposes, it is not. You can use a baking sheet for vegetables. Not only that, but your roasted food will get a juice runoff appearance, while it will get a brown look too.

Tool 3: Carving Boards

What are the Essential Roasting Tools

One good thing about roasted food is the juice it expels. It is usually delicious, and it gives your food a better taste since you won’t get bored eating dry food. However, these juices can sometimes be too much. Just imagine if you pull out your roaster from the equipment, and it has a lot of juice all over it.

Your kitchen and restaurant can become a mess if you let these juices spill all over your kitchen floor or your tablecloths. It won’t certainly give a nice appearance to your place. You need to invest in a good carving board with good drainage. In this way, you can have a channel that runs around the perimeter to avoid any floor disaster.

Tool 4: A Roasting Rack

What are the Essential Roasting Tools

You can use a regular pan when you roast your normal veggies since it is more than enough. But what about more significant pieces of food, like meat, for example? If this is the case, your regular used commercial kitchen equipment in Chicago will not be enough. Here is where a roasting rack can help you a lot. You will be able to manipulate the food much better with a rack.

Furthermore, more air will circulate the product. And this air is especially important since it can prevent poultry skin from sticking to the pan. Likewise, all the dripping of the roast can fall into the pan below, and you can use it in other stuff like gravies brines or different types of sauce. A roasting rack for your roasted food is excellent for having the best food your customers enjoy.

Tool 5: Frying pans

We mentioned previously about roasted food that they produce a very delicious, juicy roast. And this is something many people want when they are eating. But even if that is important, another key aspect of roasting is that all this juicy look can make you lose some of the brownings that give your roast that crispy shell. And this aspect is also enjoyed by many people who eat roasted dishes.

What can you also do to get that brown look? Well, since with your kitchen equipment you can roast your food, you will need another kitchen appliance for it. A frying pan is a solution for this inconvenience. What you can do is place the roast in a cast-iron frying pan before you put it in the roaster. If you do it this way, you can get more of that crispy shell you are looking for.

But you also need to keep measuring the heat and time of it. You can also use a meat thermometer to know when it is enough not to overcook it. Likewise, if you want your cast iron frying pans to last longer, remember to dry it carefully before you store it, and don’t use soap to clean it.

Tool 6: A Cooking Twine

What are the Essential Roasting Tools

There comes a time, when you cook, that you need something that secures your meat while cooking, so all flavorful ingredients stay inside. For that, it is recommendable to always have a twine at hand in case you need to secure something like a stuffed leg of lamb. When some meats stay together while cooking, you can create a uniform shape, and the cook will cook more evenly. As well, as we recommend you to take your equipment to a repair store in case something is broke, we advise you to get a cooking twine that is 100 % cotton. If you use synthetics, they can melt and taint your food, which will change the taste. You can get this twine from any supplied kitchen stores. Just be sure you ask for the right length.

Tool 7: Parchment Paper

What are the Essential Roasting Tools

We have established the fact that roasting vegetables is an excellent way to get your veggies cooked. It gives a new flavor and a new taste to the food. So, what is one of the things that someone is most existed about when it comes to roasted vegetables? That is the crunchy outside bits.

When you have a roasted vegetable in that way, let us assure you that it will give the final touch you were looking for in your restaurant menu. One of the things you need to check first is that your roaster is working in perfectly conditions, so it won’t get burn from anywhere else.

In case it is not, you can perfectly call a used kitchen equipment in Chicago to deal with that. Then, the tip to get your roasted vegetables is through parchment paper. 

You will avoid the veggies to end up stuck to the baking sheet while roasting. Likewise, one of the most annoying things to do after cooking is cleaning. With a parchment paper, the cleanup process will get much easier. Just make sure to get a sheet of this parchment and place it over the pan. Be sure it covers it completely.

Include Roasted Food in Your Menu

What are the Essential Roasting Tools

Given how famous it is in this country, a well-roasted food, you should definitely include in your menu. But as you include it, you need to serve it well, and make sure your roasted food has a great taste. If you want people to keep coming back to your restaurant, make sure to have this essential roasting tools.