Tips to Maintain Stainless Steel in your Commercial Kitchen

Tips to Maintain Stainless Steel in your Commercial Kitchen

When you have commercial kitchen equipment in your restaurant in Chicago, it is just a matter of days to start thinking of how to take care of them in every sense. If you want them to live for years, you need to keep them at their best. Of course, one necessary step would be to take them to the used kitchen equipment repair in Chicago, to be sure everything is running ok. But if your kitchen equipment is made of stainless steel, you need it to maintain it well. This material has become one of the favorites due to its anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties, and because it is also durable. So, it is important to keep a regular maintenance and scrupulous cleaning to your kitchen equipment. Here we present you some tips to maintain stainless steel in your commercial kitchen.

1. Use water and a wash rag

One simple method to keep your stainless steel in good conditions is to just make sure your employees use a simple wash rag in all your equipment. Tell your employees to just use a rag with warm water at the end of a workday. The objective with this is to wipe away any gripe that could be accumulated on the equipment during the whole day.

Perhaps there might be crumbs or other kind of large pieces of debris onto the stainless steel. To avoid them to begin accumulating and damage your kitchen equipment, you need to do it regularly on cleaning rounds. If what you are looking is to prevent water spots, you can follow up your cleaning rounds with a dry towel. This is more useful, especially if you have a more visible stainless-steel equipment.

Tips to Maintain Stainless Steel in your Commercial Kitchen water and wash rag

2. Try with detergent

There might be situations when your equipment has built-up oils and grease accumulated over it. To clean this spot, you can use a mild dish detergent mixed with warm water. What you can achieve with this is to break down the sticky goo, but without damaging the stainless steel. You can use a rag to dip into the mixture and wipe away the residue. Once you have finished with the detergent, you can use plain water to make sure you are not leaving any detergent splotch on the stainless steel.

3. Know when to use glass cleaner

Tips to Maintain Stainless Steel in your Commercial Kitchen glass cleaner

Glass cleaners can help you a lot if you want to clean visible stainless–steel areas with lots of fingerprints. Do not use it on cook surfaces comprised of stainless steel. Likewise, remember not to spray the glass cleaner directly onto the stainless steel.

For a better cleaning, try to spray a little onto your cloth. This is to prevent the cleaner from dispersing to nearby cook areas. Along with the spray, you need to use your rag in a circular motion. All this procedure will banish fingerprints, and your stainless steel will look radiant and new without them.

Keep your stainless steel well!

Along with taking your equipment to a used kitchen equipment repair Chicago, you need to make sure that all your stainless-steel equipment is also in good conditions. As they have become the number one choice to many people, due to its many benefits, you need to maintain it well. This will be good for your whole restaurant appearance, and will make your equipment last for quite some time.