The Commercial Fryer Oil Changes

The Commercial Fryer Oil Changes

If you want to know exactly the commercial fryer oil changes, it depends frequently on the professional who assists you. This kind of opinion can vary depending on each person. since your employees to the call centers o specialized companies, everyone has different opinions.

However all this answers depend on multiple factors, like the type of oil you use or even how often your kitchen service use the fryer. Also there are many ways you can extend the life of your fryer oil just by making the most of it.

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Why do you need to change your commercial fryer oil?

Oil shouldn’t be opened longer than three months once you opened it. Also you should wait until two hours the oil cools prior before pouring in it into a container. Additionally you should refrigerate the stored oil to extend its life. Maybe you will need to to change your deep fryer oil sooner. But, it depends on the nest factors:

  • How often you use the oil.
  • The type of oil you are using.
  • The type of foods you are frying.

If you have a restaurant that produces a lot of food daily, you should put attention to the fryer oil spoilage. When you have a lot of staff working day and night the commercial fryer oil changes are imminent.

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For the last case you can change yuor fryer oil once a week. This can vary depending on the next aspects:

  • The size of the vats.
  • The type of filters you have.
  • The frequency of oil filtration.

Remember that if you use your fryer frequently, the filter must be changed on a daily basis. 

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This is the first step we recommend you to take care with your commercial fryer oil changes. 

If you need more information about this and other topics just make a call, contact us and we will give you all the advisory you need to run your restaurant business with the best equipment and repair services.