Do you need a Steam Kettle?

Do you Need a Steam Kettle?

Do you need a Steam Kettle? If you are looking for ramp up the productivity levels of your commercial kitchen Steam Kettles are a great option of new equipment investment. Their new technology can give your restaurant a really big operations change. Versus a traditional cooking from stockpot  steam kettle you can find the next benefits:

  • Efficient heat transfer.
  • Uniform heating.
  • And a superior product handling to create faster food service operations.

Now it’s time to look more benefits form getting your own steam kettle.

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Win productive operations

When you use a stockpot on a range or a stockpot burner you need to do constant supervision. heat adjusting and monitoring to ensure the dishes come out in perfect conditions. The good news are that it works a bit differently. First of all with a jacketed steam kettle you receive heat not just from the bottom. The heat circulates from all angles. This type of heat production really speeds up cooking times. This results in a faster delivery and fewer resources used per day.

Great option to save time and costs

do you need a steam kettle save

Throughout any given shift, the staff always faces a lot of operational tasks. If you add a steam kettle surely will help take some of the burdens off your shoulders. The steam kettles operate very efficiently, allowing for even, gentle cooking with a little attention. These are the aspects you will save more:

  • Reducing food waste costs from overcooking or burning.
  • Save time on reheating meals.
  • Can keep soups and stews warm and ready without maintenance.

Clean up is very simple!

do you need a steam kettle simple

The relying on traditional stockpots and ranges can result in tedious and constant cleaning. For example for a single dish of pasta you need a pot for boiling water, another for cooking meat, and a last one for simmering thee sauce. Then you just have to think in all the cleaning work that this suppose for the next use.

These were just a few of good points you need to consider when you want to invest in a steam kettle. If you want more information please call us and make an appointment.