The Breakfast Equipment You Need

The Breakfast Equipment You Need

If you are going to dabble into the breakfast menu it’s necessary you be clear about the breakfast equipment you need. The big deal you will have to answer is how to be sure your menu will have satisfied customers that want the perfec food combination that gives them all day energy. You can have the best solution for this requirement if you have completely clear the breakfast equipment you need.

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The countertop griddles

These tools must be the most used breakfast equipment of all the morning restaurants. It has a compact size that makes it very versatile. it accommodates perfectly everywhere on the counter top. You can prepare sausages or cooking eggs and you will have a balanced breakfast for all kind of customers. The commercial countertop griddles can work with gas or can be electric. The gas griddle is more recommended when you have a big kitchen to cover because you will need the right space to the gas installation. The electric one is recommended for small spaces where you don’t need to spend so much energy and you won’t need to produce the same amount of food for a customer big demand. You can also choose for the plate surface options such a cast iron or steel.

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Consider the hotplates

A hotplate is a perfect piece for completing a small kitchen or if you want an additional burner. The hotplate usually have three or four burners and they can work either with liquid propane or electricity. You can cook and make preps with a hotplate as the same you do with any other kind of range.

Get a waffle maker

A waffle maker is a great breakfast equipment for your needs. You can offer to your customers the freshest and fluffy waffles menu. The heat retaining grid of the waffle makers usually are made of diferent materials such as stainless steel, or non-stick surfaces. So, you won’t need removing or cleaning after using spray fo cooking. The waffle makers often have a large volume business capability because the controlling temperature adjustment is very resistant.

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