How Work Taking Order Apps

How Work Taking Order Apps

You must learn how work taking order apps. This is very useful for improving restaurant operation in many ways. Some aspects you can evaluate before choosing the ideal app for you are the next ones:

  • The time your servers spend rushing back and forth between customers and the POS system.
  • The time your expediters take spend trying to flag down when food is ready.
  • The time your staff takes keying the online orders from different service tablets.

Just think if you have the possibility of saving all the time of these different tasks for delivering perfectly delicious food and memorable service to your guests. There is where begins the magic of a taking order app. Next you can check some of the most important taking order apps in the industry. Pick yours!

how work taking order apps help
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Tha apps sent inmediately orders to the system

This is the typical flow when you make an order process: 

  • The server takes the order.
  • Jots down the order in a notepad and memorize it.
  • Then it is rushed into the POS system to key it in.
  • Finally waits for the order to be ready and serve it.
How work taking order apps manual

When you use a taking order app all this relented workflow can be eliminated. this results in happier staff and more satisfied customers. By example, the taking order app allows the server to tap in an order in handheld tablet at the same table, eliminating the unnecessary step of going to the POS system manually.

Instead the server press the send option the order goes immediately to the kitchen display system. So, the staff can fulfill it at the right moment. Also with the app you have the chance to deserve automatically the orders review.

This was the first information you must have in mind when you think in using a taking order app, for your restaurant. If you want to have a more deeper advisory about this and other restaurant business aspects, please call us and we will give you personalized service.