The Best Refrigerant For Your Refrigerator

The Best Refrigerant For Your Refrigerator

the best refrigerant for your refrigerator freezer
Today we will learn about the best refrigerant for your refrigerator. It’s been more than a century since the first ice making machine appeared. In the present times the refrigeration system goes faster than ever. Freon was the last revolution in the refrigerants world. This was a revolutionary invention. Before, any kind of leakage was a complete disaster. Then, we had many troubles, like intoxication, asphyxia and explosions.
At the beginning of the industrial era the appliances companies focused in making the system work. The first system was the vapor compression refrigeration. It’s the same we use today. All our refrigerators have many several components. The systems functioning depends on the combination of these components. Pipes, compressors, condensers and evaporators. They get cooler the interior of refrigerators and freezers.
The system works in alternating cycles. This consists in compressing and expanding the gas through the pipes. These tools take out  the heat from the interior and release it out. The refrigerator needs to get all the heat out to reach the ideal cool level.
What’s the refrigerant role? It makes the transfer of heat obtaining the right cooling level.
Let’s talk about refrigerants. The most common name is Freon. This is the commercial name of a group of gases known for working in the refrigeration process. 
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Something more about the Freon

Freon has always been  a good option because is moderately toxic and nonflammable. With the passing of time we discovered something. We were throwing away old refrigerators. That produces a process of toxic gases getting into the atmosphere.  The Freon particles arrive to the highest layers of atmosphere. Then, it begins to deplete the ozone levels. This means that we are lowering the life expectations of the planet.

Actually, refrigerators factories are creating new systems. They seem to be more friendly with the nature. 
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