Commercial Fryers Safety Tips!

Commercial Fryers New Tips!

The commercial fryers safety tips are something you need now. This appliances have a high risk level and its necessary to have everything controlled. Maybe fried food is the most popular restaurant service in the U.S. That’s the reason why this you need to cover this point. Usually commercial fryers use six gallons of hot oil at 375 degrees temperature. Do you understand why you need to handle it with special care? 

Whether if you are preparing french fries for your burger or exquisite crab cakes, its very important your staff to be ready for handling this dangerous kitchen equipment. Read our next tips and learn how to drive this tools safely.

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Check your environment before using fryers

This is the first point you must consider. Are your surrounding according to your security needs? Well, if you are handling constantly boiling hot oil you make your own conclusions. When you are maneuvering hot oil in your fryer standing before somebody else, please announce it publicly. Always yell to the people “behind you”. So, they will be ready to take care and be ready for their security and the other ones.

commercial fryers safety tips environment

Wear proper footwear and kitchen clothes

commercial fryers safety tips proper

Sometimes it’s not clear but footwear and proper clothes are necessary for working with commercial fryers. We recommend to use closed-toe and slip resistant shoes to handle a fryer. It’s also advisable to use tight-fitting clothes or appropriate uniforms for kitchen working. Some kitchen staff prefer to use personal protective equipment (PPE), like arm protectors or oven mitts. Be sure this accesories do not impede your motor skills. So. you will need to handle hardly all the equipment for more security protection. This is necessary for grabing fry baskets and tongs.

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