Restaurant Reopening after Covid

Restaurant Reopening after Covid

Covid restrictions ease state by state. Many restaurant operators need to determine what to do for a restaurant reopening.
You have to follow new state recommendations to ensure your equipment is ready to use again. There are many necessary steps and considerations for your restaurant. This is something you should take before reopening the dining areas. We committ to helping you complying with Covid-19 regulations. So you can operate your business again.
Over the past weeks we’ve been researching and challenging ourselves to security protocols. There are many items will be critical for the restaurants in the upcoming months. Such as face masks, thermometers approved for human use, and social distancing signs. 
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Enhance your food safety guidelines and protocols

 Food safety is more relevant nowadays than ever before. The good news is that restaurants have the better and cleanest environments. This is because they are adding to the city food safety guidelines. Before you reopen your restaurant doors remember replacing common food safety supply. We are talking about thermometers, sanitizing buckets and general janitorial items. Make sure you do a deep clean of your entire establishment before opening.  When you open your doors be sure you are sanitizing used surfaces and deep cleaning often. Continue with your existing food safety standards.

restaurant re opening after covid safety

Invest in personal protective equipment

Face masks and protective gear you only saw them in hospitals and construction zones. Now they are the world’s top trending items overnight. For good reason we have the obligation to keep safe ourselves and others around us. This is very critical as we reopen with new Covid-19 safety standards. We need everything covered:
  • Face masks.
  • Latex gloves.
  • Sanitizing products.
  • Thermometers for human use.
  • Protective barriers.
  • Social distancing signs.
These were some tips about the safety rules you need. So you can cover for reopening your restaurant after Covid restrictions. Contact us if you want more useful information.
restaurant reopening after covid protocols