Fixing Restaurant Equipment Problems

Fixing Restaurant Equipment Problems

If you understand how fixing restaurant equipment problems, ti will help you identifying many issues and do some fixing, saving you time and money. It will help you make better decisions and to be more informed about when you really have to call for technicians help or how to describe them your issues.

Now we will check some tips will help you to learn more about troubleshooting restaurant equipment problems.

Machine not starting

  • The circuit breaker or fuse might be disrupting power.
  • Check the heat copper or bowl cover, it might not be opened at the right place.

Food processors halt and don't restart

  • The pusher plate might be raised.
  • The GFCI/circuit breaker may have slipped over.
  • The motor might be overheated.

The cutting tool is locked to the shaft

Check for accumulation between the cutting tool, potato chip, or dicing grid.

About dishwashers

These are some dishwashers troubleshooting usual troubles:

Machine cannot power on
  • The machine might be off. turn it on.
  • The circuit breaker might have tripped over, or a fuse blew to the power supply.
  • check the water level in the tank.
When dishes are not clean
  • Damaged or worn out drain O-ring letting wash water to drain.
  • Inadequate wash water because of drain problems that prevent the right drain from closing.
  • Pump obstruction
Stained silverware, dishes and glasses
  • Racks might be improperly loaded.
  • Inaccurate rinse pressure or water temperature.
  • There may be pump obstruction leading to loss of water pressure.
  • Check for any hitch at the pump intake.
  • Extremely hard water.
  • Wrong detergent and rinse additive for water type.
  • Insufficient detergent concentration or rinse additive.