Questions about Commercial Kitchen Parts

Questions about Commercial Kitchen Parts

 We know you don’t have a lot of time when your kitchen equipment stops working. It’s important to think in determining how to address broken and malfunctioning equipment. You should do it before it becomes an issue. Yo can repair the equipment by yourself, your staff, or with a service company. This could be the difference between hours and days. Next please take note about these common questions about commercial kitchen parts. They can help you to find and fix equipment as possible.

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Is your broken equipment under warranty?

The first thing you need to know is if your equipment is still covered under your warranty service. if so, an Authorized Service Agent (ASA), can resolve the problem with no or low cost. Some manufacturers need you to work with their service department. By the way they will order replacement parts when you are working by yourself. Other manufacturers work with Authorized Service Agents to repair your equipment under warranty.
So, maybe, you are not sure if your equipment warranty is still available. In this case you will have to call to the manufacturer. And then provide your serial number and equipment model.
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What can I do if the unit equipment is out of warranty?

 Time is critical when you definitely have to repair your commercial equipment. First, you need to find a reliable supplier that has quick access to the parts you need. It can save hours and thousands of dollars from the potential losses. Remember that it depends on the piece of equipment that has broken down.

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Do you need OEM or OCM parts?

Finding replacement parts can be difficult. Especially if your equipment manufacturer isn’t around anymore. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are always preferred. But they might not be readily available. There are the Original Component Manufacturer (OCM) parts too. We usually know them as “like-kind” parts. These have also become more important as supply chain challenges. This is because they disrupt the availability of parts.  
These are the main questions you must consider. Afterwards we recommend you buying or repairing parts of your commercial kitchen equipment. Contact us if you want more information.
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