Learn to Use and Clean a Meat Slicer

Learn to Use and Clean a Meat Slicer

If you work in a deli or butcher shop, one instrument you should become familiar with is the meat slicer. This post will be very useful if you want to learn to use an clean a meat slicer. You will read about the ins and outs of your kitchen. So that you can work efficiently and effortlessly.

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First step: read the operational manual

The first step in this process is to read the manual that come with the device, so that you can understand how it operates, the components that are included, how the machine is constructed and the purpose of each part. once you have read through the manual, you may proceed to the next step of the process.

Make your training wih qualified staff

learn to use and clean a meat slicer training

We suppose you want to train with experienced and certified members who have worked with the equipment you are preparing to use. if you are working alongside with these people, we recommend you listen and watch, taking notes along the way. It would also help to gain hands-on training to familiarize with your steps device and practice. Then you will be doing independently your training until gets complete.

Inspect the guards

learn to use and clean a meat slicer inspect

Before you operate this kind of machinery, you should inspect every part of the instrument. In the case of a meat slicer you need to check first the guard, ensuring it is securely connected and that there are not any loose particles lodged with or on it.

Check all working parts

You will need to know how the machine works so you can thoroughly inspect all moving machinery within and without the slicer. You can disassemble the device as necessary to ensure everything is working properly.

These were just a few recommendations on how to use and clean a meat slicer. If you need a personalized advisory, just contact us. 

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