Keep your Flat Top Grill Clean

Keep your Flat Top Grill Clean

If you want to take your restaurant or food truck to new heights, outfitting your kitchen with a commercial griddle offers unmatched performance for unhanced menus and better tasting food. It doesn’t matter if your griddle is in use every day or only a couple of times a week. Then you will have to clean on a regular basis to maintain cooking efficiency and prevent food and elements from transferring to unrelated dishes. let’s start to read how to keep your flat top grill clean.

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Know well the surface material

When it comes to commercial grill maintenance, the first thing you need to know is the type of material the grill is made from. If it is made from chromium metal, then you will have a grill that offers excellent heat retention, while grills made from non-chromium surfaces are more flexible abut the types of food that you can prepare on them. 

Keep it cool

When it comes to information on how to clean flat top grill, the top thing to remember is that you should never clean it while it is still hot. Always wait for it to cool so you can better remove food without having to worry about any burns to yourself or a staff member.

These are another important points of information that can be useful for your commercial kitchen maintenance:

keep your flat top grill clean cool

Use a scraper

Invest in a quality griddle scraper to clean the entire grill surface and the edges to remove all excess food debris and oil. If you are struggling to remove food or spills, use a little warm water to lubricate those hard to remove spills.

Keep it dry

keep your flat top grill clean dry

Once you finish cleaning your grill, always use a rag or paper towel to dry it completely. Leaving even the smallest drop of the water on the commercial grill can lead to rust.

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