Food Truck or Food Cart?

Food Truck or Food Cart?

If you enjoy cooking and think in having a business around it, you may be considering this question: would you open a food truck or food cart? Both options are a popular way to begin sharing your recipes with your friends and neighbors providing a manageable experience that you can handle on your own or with a partner.

You also will have to think in disguise your food menu prices. Look for this aspect in any of your food truck business option.

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Size and workspace

While food carts size and food trucks fill a similar niche one aspect that heavily affect your buying decision and then you choose to set up shop and sell your products is the size of the vehicle. Food trucks offer a much larger workspace that can accommodate 2-3 workers making it easier to process more orders and prepare meals faster. 

By contrast food carts are smaller and typically only accommodate one person. While this means adding an extra set of hands to help with orders and meal prep mat not be an option. The smaller size of the cart does allow you to shop in places that would be difficult or impossible for a larger food truck, like a sidewalk.


food truck or Food cart mobility

While a food truck size may limit where you can park and set up shop, they have the distinct advantage of mobility; you can drive anywhere you want to go. Unlike a food cart that needs to be pushed/pulled around or towed by another vehicle into position.

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Cost and initial start-up

Another critical element in the decision to buy one over the other is the cost. Although food trucks offer a versatility in mobility, accommodation, and workspace they also tend to be far more costly to purchase. In contrast, food carts are cheaper than food trucks and are less intensive when it comes to paperwork and permits all the time.

These were just a few things you must consider when you are going to take the decision between food trucks vs. food carts. Contact us if you want a personalized advisory. We have the best service around Chicago city.

food truck or food cart cost
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