Your Essential Bar Equipment

Your Essential Bar Equipment

When you want to add to your kitchen an exquisite bar services it’s mandatory you learn what will be your essential bar equipment. You are close to give a big pass. But you need the right information. So, you will make your dreams come true.

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Look at your must-have bar equipment

Always keep in mind that the specific equipment you need depends on the differences that determine the unique services of your business. However we are going to give you a list of your essential bar equipment.

The bartending and cocktail equipment
Your Essential Bar Equipment Cocktail

Sometimes people think the bartender just need liquors, mixes and a few supplies for their beverages. If you want to have the best looking and flavored cocktails, necessarily you need the best and most complete equipment:

  • Jigglers.
  • Muddlers
  • Cocktail shakers.
  • Cocktail spoon.
  • Citrus juicers.
  • Wine openers.
  • Cutting boards.
  • Cap catchers.
  • Bar towels.
  • Straws and stirrers.
  • Bottle and can openers.
The beverage dispensing bar equipment

You must have in your bar equipment a variety of well liquors, top shelf liquors and cocktail mixers:

  • Rocks glasses.
  • Mixing glasses.
  • Wine glasses.
  • Pint glasses.
  • Highball glasses.
  • Shot glasses.
  • Brandy snifters.
  • Martini glasses.
Include a POS system

You can still use old fashioned cash registers and bulky computers. Even a POS system would be a great help for the assistance of your restaurant. This system will not only provide you a better client records of transactions. Now you will have more control of all your business accounts and operations.

The bar furniture and other equipment
Your Essential Bar Equipment Furniture

Something really important is having more clarity about your quantity and kind of tables. This depends on size of your restaurant and other factors. If you don’t have a bar counter yet, you must think in creating one that matches with the space area. 

Entertainment and Surveillance

Another equipment you mus consider is: sound equipment, TV monitors and cable system. And with out a doubt invest in a surveillance and monitoring system. We welcome you to contact local Chicago companies for this. Here are our recommendations security camera installation chicago, Access Control ChicagoChicago Intercom Installation, Chicago Commercial Surveillance Systems


Additionally, we recommend investing in securing your property from theft or vandalism by investing in perimeter security with barriers, fencing and window guards. See our list below for recommended Chicago businesses.

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If you want more information about your essential bar equipment, please contact us and make an appointment. We will give you the best advisory.