How to Buy a Walk-in-Cooler

How to Buy a Walk-in-Cooler

When you have a restaurant business that need to produce a lot of refrigerated products it’s necessary to have in mind how to buy a walk-in-cooler. Another reason to have this equipment is the need of plenty space of storage. The most common use of big walk-in-coolers is keeping cool, chilled and safely hold large quantities of raw products and cooked preparations. Then you need to preserve products for more time and the inventory preservation.

Big walk-in-coolers can have a 15′ X 15′ dimension. These units span around hundreds and hundreds of square feet to provide generous amounts of refrigerated space. This is the best path to keep your food refrigerated and fresh.

These are some factors you need to consider before buying this kitchen equipment:

  • Delivery.
  • Installation.
  • Maintenance and assistance.
  • The energy costs from large units.

Next, we will have a brief look of some of the best freezer appliances. 

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The Built-in Walk-ins

These kind of appliances are usually made of heavily insulated walls. They have structural tiles that protect walls and floor. Also you can ask for a personalized appliance corresponding to the precise specifications you deserve. many refrigerator manufacturers allow you to choose or create  equipment acording to your needs. There are a lot of options.

That’s the reason why this appliances are so popular between many restaurant service places. It’s a useful tool you can accomodate depending your kind of service. Sometimes they are more expensive, because they offer benefits like no other product. The only downside about building a walk-in-cooler is that it’s very difficult to adapt in another environment. That happens when you have a specialized product with a customized design.

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Another types of walk-in-coolers

The prefabricated coolers are more simple units. They can be smaller and usually have a two story structure. This appliance can go easily from food storage to walk-in-cooler. They don’t require a costly installation. Maybe you need to have more assistance from an expert consultant.

The prefabricated walk-in-coolers can be less durable than Built-in ones. They don’t have too many operations but you can get a good model expending less money.

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