What Is The Best Commercial Prep Table?

What Is The Best Commercial Prep Table?

Every kitchen needs a prep table to serve food properly. Suppose you have plans on opening a commercial restaurant. In that case, you need to know that having ovens, refrigerators, pans, mixers, blenders, etc., is not enough to have a working kitchen. You need to have a place where you can prep your ingredients before cooking or where you can assemble all your menu items. So, it is safe to safe that these commercial prep tables are a must. And with that in mind, you need to choose carefully to have one that you know will last longer and serve its purpose. Of course, as with anything in life, your commercial prep table will require maintenance. You have a commercial kitchen equipment repair in Chicago. It is still better to pick one that suits you, your kitchen, and your employees. Do you know what the best commercial prep table is? Keep on reading to find out.

What is a commercial Prep Table exactly?

All the cooking is done with the fryer or in the oven. And the prep table would be like the final step before you amaze your customers with the food. This makes this type of used restaurant equipment in Chicago necessary for every kitchen. Prep tables are available in many sizes, so you don’t have to worry about the space in your kitchen. Also, prep tables are really beneficial because if you acquire them, you’ll decrease the chance of cross-contamination. Once you get the right prep table, the possibilities for this will definitely be lower.

Stainless Steel Prep Tables

These prep tables are perfect for meal preparation. Likewise, it is easy to clean and sterilize due to its material. Some say that they can be superior to wood or glass. Though we believe that the final decision is up to every owner. All work well, but a stainless-steel prep table is solid and durable. The final cost will depend on the quality and size. Also, additional accessories like undershelves and backsplashes can increase the final price. This type of material is rust-resistant and easy to clean.

Gauge stainless steel is durable, works great for heavy usage, and is of fantastic quality. Therefore, what are you waiting for to purchase used kitchen equipment? It’s time you save some money to get your business started. Likewise, why not benefit from such great material?

The Best Commercial Prep Table

Wooden-Top Prep Tables

Best Commercial Prep Table

Many prefer wood prep tables for their kitchens in Chicago. It’s mainly because of the aesthetic. Harwood is the obvious choice since it’s easy to clean and not porous. You can also use wood-topped work tables as storage. You only have to choose the right wood type.

As the name says itself, these work tables are often made with sturdy stainless steel legs, and only the top is made of wood. They can be installed in kitchens that need extra prep space. You should consider this type of prep table, especially if you run a bakery workspace or a meat carver since it suits that kind of food.

Poly-Top Prep Tables

This type of prep table is perfect for prepping tasks such as chopping, cutting, and slicing. The advantage of poly topped tables is that they are effortless to clean. This means that you can remove the entire top to sanitize properly.

Moreover, you can use the prep table as a cutting board. If you are looking for a place where you can prepare salads and vegetables, or perhaps you want to have a sandwich station, this is the ideal prep table for you. The sizes are diverse, and it all comes up to the space you have in the kitchen.

Commercial Prep Table

Choose the best prep table for your commercial kitchen

What is the best commercial prep table? Well, that’s up to your needs. Therefore, make sure you choose wisely. You need to pick the one that works better for your type of commercial restaurant and that you are sure your employees are comfortable working with. And if your prep tables need maintenance, you can ideally call a commercial kitchen equipment repair in Chicagoto make them last longer. Pick the one that is better for you!