The Best Places To Find Restaurant Equipment In Chicago

The Best Places to Find Restaurant Equipment in Chicago

Starting a new restaurant can be expensive. There are many things you need to get for your kitchen. First there is all the restaurant equipment, appliances and supplies too. It is a lot that you need for your kitchen to be fully functional. Likewise, when you buy any equipment, you need to make sure it is from the best quality. After all, what you want is to give an excellent service and food to your consumers. That is the reason why we want to inform you all about the best places to find restaurant equipment in Chicago.

Once you have completed all business formalities in Chicago, the next thing to take care of is purchasing the kitchen equipment. In order to do this the right way, it’s important for you to know where to find the best kitchen equipment. Here, we’ll show when you can find these places, and how you know they are from the best quality.

Resale Stores

the best places to find

Of course, almost everyone wants state-of-the-art kitchen equipment. People are used to think that only new equipment works at it best. Then, why bother to buy second-handed one? Well, let us tell you that used kitchen equipment can work as a new one, if you know where to look at. In this matter, resale stores are a good option. These items are usually used equipment for restaurant that was donated by restaurants and hotels. Do not think that because these are used, they don’t work well. You just need to go to resale stores that have accreditation and good reviews. Plus, these places usually have used restaurant equipment in Chicago Illinois. So, you will know when to take any of your equipment in case something starts failing (which will eventually happen, with new and used equipment).


For many reasons, we may never know, some restaurants go out of business. They need to close. While it is bad news for the owners, it can mean a great opportunity for you. When these restaurants go out of business, they will turn them into auction houses to sell the equipment they have. You can choose to buy from them.

Do not worry about the conditions and quality, because these auction houses tend to perform a detailed evaluation before the sale, so the equipment is in good condition. It is an excellent opportunity to get new restaurant equipment at good prices and with good quality.

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Storage Unit or Locker Auctions

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It has happened that some restaurant owners have to store their restaurant equipment in a warehouse, because they do no longer need it. The reasons behind that are unknown to us, but, after some time, some of them stop paying rent. What does this mean? Well, it means that the locker company has to auction off the equipment. Everything goes to sale. This is the place where you can get your restaurant equipment. The only thing you need is liquid cash. Then, you can start getting a good deal on any restaurant equipment or supply. It is a good option to get things at lower prices.

Used Restaurant Supply Stores

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If you live near a big city like Chicago, there’s bound to be a used restaurant supply store. A used food supply store buys, sells, and trades used kitchen equipment. Remember that you, as a restaurant owner, need to maintain a good relationship with the people that works in that used restaurant supply store. When you have communication with them, it is easier that you let them know the type of equipment you are looking for. So, once any equipment becomes available, be sure that they will call you.

But, always be sure to inspect the equipment you buy. It is important that you make sure it meets your requirements, and also that it meets the level of quality required in your restaurant. Therefore, make sure you choose your used kitchen equipment wisely. And, in case you need a repair, you can as well call the commercial kitchen equipment repair. They will know what is happening and how to fix it.

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