How to repair a freezer?

How to repair a Freezer?

Freezers are crucial in the home kitchen as well as in restaurants. They keep perishable food in good condition, such as milk, vegetables, and liquids, especially meat. And also, freezers allow you to have ice cubes, necessary to keep your drinks cold. If your freezer presents problems like the ones we will name below, there are some methods to fix it that will allow you to make it as good as new before calling technical assistance. So, let’s learn how to repair a freezer.

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The following are some common problems that can happen to your freezer. If you have any of them and you are unable to solve it yourself with the instructions we will give you, do not hesitate to call us at Commercial Kitchen Equipment Repair Chicago.

How to repair a freezer

Frost Bulid Up

If your freezer has a buildup of frost on the top of the evaporator or around the door, you must have a problem with the defrost thermostat. Many freezers often have a defrost heater that melts the frost buildup on the evaporator to prevent it from freezing completely. This thermostat supplies power to the heater and shuts off when the defrost cycle is complete.

The first thing to do is check that the defrost thermostat is working properly. If you don’t know where it is located, you can first google the freezer make and model to avoid confusion. Then, if you have a multimeter, you can measure the continuity of the freezing temperatures. It will tell you if there is an open circuit when the temperature is above 37° Fahrenheit. If you find a lack of continuity, your thermostat will not power the heater, which causes frost on your freezer.

How to repair a freezer

Temperature is too cold

If your freezer is cooling too much, the cause could be that the thermostat or temperature control is not working correctly. Typically, thermostats are rotary dials with a capillary tube and a bulb sensor that attach to the inside lining of your freezer to maintain temperature control. Your thermostat also has an electrical contact that turns the compressor circuit on and off to maintain the proper temperature in the freezer.

Over time and use, the contacts can become stuck, and the compressor may continue to run, but the temperature will be too cold. Another sign you can check is that the compressor turns on and off normally, but the temperature continues to be too cold. In either case, the thermostat should be replaced.

How to repair a freezer

Temperature is too warm

If your freezer is not cooling enough and even gets hot, we have a problem with the thermostat or temperature control again. As we know, the thermostat is a rotary dial with a capillary tube and bulb sensor, powered by the compressor’s electrical circuitry. Either of these parts can be damaged or corroded. This means that the compressor cannot start, and consequently, the freezer does not cool sufficiently.

Try setting the thermostat to the maximum. If the compressor turns on, it means the thermostat needs to be replaced. Be sure not to affect the operation of the sensor bulb when checking this.

Won't start

Finally, if your freezer will not turn on and, therefore, not freeze food, there may be a problem with the compressor. This part of your freezer is known as the controller and serves to power the compressor starter windings, making the equipment run. If the compressor starter is not working, the compressor will not turn on.

Disconnect the freezer before starting the repair. The compressor start relay is normally located on the side of the compressor. Use a multimeter to check for continuity. If there are visible signs of burns or corrosion from overheating, replace the compressor.

If your equipment diagnose shows any of this problems, communicate with us and let us help you.

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How to repair a freezer