How To Fix Gas Ranges

How To Fix Gas Ranges

How to fix gas ranges is a very common question in the restaurants. The easiest issues you can solve in 5 minutes it’s when the stove doesn’t light or when the oven stop heating. You can solve it just cleaning and everything will be ok. But sometimes you will need to understand how to troubleshoot the new technology burners and ovens. Now we will give you the best safety tips for your commercial kitchen. Go ahead!

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What to do if the gas range doesn’t light?

Notice that the igniters and pilots of the traditional ranges place under their top. There usually stays the most common problems in this equipment.

Remember unplug your range before any repair!


Step 1: Clean the pilot or the igniter

Lift up the hinged top. Most of stoves have it. The only stoves that don’t have this system are the sealed burner ones. Hit it with your hand if it’s stuck.

Step 2: Clean the burner assembly

This part is required if it’s a sealed burner. Remove the burner assembly and slide it away. This process just will take you 5 minutes. In this moment you can clean your burner assembly. You can do it with a tube brush from a drugstore. Just clen the burner ports. Set the assembly in tis place and try your burners.

how to fix gas ranges stove
how to fix gas ranges burner

Step 3: Check the spark ignition system

First you need to pull out the burner dials an quit the secure attachments. Then slide the wires and insert them in new switches. Follow the next steps:

  • Check that the stove is plugged in.
  • Test the switch is functioning correctly.
  • Turn each dial on. Finally turn off again.
  • If you need to test the igniters better call a technician.

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