Equipment To Buy Before Opening A Restaurant

Equipment To Buy Before Opening A Restaurant

Here’s all the equipment to buy before opening a restaurant in Chicago. Keep on reading to find out here.
You know when a restaurant is about to opening, the startup is very easy to add up fast. There are the licenses, permits, marketing expenses or commercial space lease. Then comes the restaurant equipment costs.
You will need to buy equipment for hosts, servers and kitchen staff. Here you will have all the tools for improving the day to day jobs and labors.
But all this information depends on the kind of restaurant you want to open. It can be for start a burger food truck business, a gourmet specialized restaurant or a morning brunch place.

Read here all you need to know about equipment to buy before opening a restaurant.

The ovens

equipment to buy before opening a restaurant oven
You are entering to the food business. So ¿What’s the main equipment you need here? Exactly! an oven. You need to cook. But here’s the first thing you must consider: the kind of food you want to offer. There are a lot of differences between a bakery and a mexican food point
This is one part of the process you have to consider in a complete guide for commercial kitchen ovens. Here are the most important aspects you need to check before buying an oven:
    • Size.
    • Quality.
    • Functions.
    • Types of ovens: commercial, convection, combination, pizza, conveyor.

Production equipment

You’ll definitely need hand washing sinks, slicers, mixers, and preparation sinks. For small production items, you’ll probably spend like $1, 500, but this amount may reduce if you purchase used kitchen equipment in Chicago. Also, make sure you get the right food preparation equipment. You’ll need a steam table, heat lamps, microwaves, roll warmers, and a sandwich table. And let’s not forget about the soda system, the beverage stand, and the ice machine!

Equipment To Buy Before Opening A Restaurant Kitchen

You will need ranges and ventilation

After sorted the ovens buy you will need to solve the acquisition of ranges and ventilation. This equipment to buy before opening a restaurant is very important. The ranges are the key of your cooking gear. And the ventilation will make sure the oxygenation of your kitchen staff.
These are some some points you must consider about this part of the kitchen equipment:
  • Gas ranges: These ranges have more temperature control than the electric ones. They begin to warm immediately without any risk. They also can work in the middle of a shutdown. The issues are the difficult process to clean and they have some risk in cases of a fire or gas leak. You need to know the most important safety tips for commercial kitchens before buying one of these.
  • Electric ranges: these ones are very efficient. They are easy to clean in comparison with gas ranges. Also you can cook for longer lapses of time. The risk of fire or gas leak wrecks will reduce. Their cons are the electricity bills increment.
  • Ventilation: The restaurant kitchen can be very uncomfortable places to work in. The extreme heat and the constant crowd of people make it more difficult. A nice ventilation system will let the air flowing for a better environment. A good temperature control will help you a lot, too. And you must think in having a clean kitchen. Think in all these factors before making your investment.

Dishwashing Equipment

For your dishwashing needs, a three-stage dishwasher is the best choice. Machines range in price from $2,000 to $25,000. Installing equipment can cost an extra $5,000 to $25,000. Such as a landing zone, wash table, garbage disposal, and three-compartment sink.

Reception and storage equipment

Equipment To Buy Before Opening A Restaurant

Your refrigerator will be the largest and most expensive piece of your equipment in the receiving and storage area. Which will range from $3,000 to $8,000. This will be your main storage area and is one of the most important pieces of equipment. Because it preserves your food and keeps it fresh. You should not spare expenses.

The food processors you need

The relevance of the food processors is that you need to make a lot of cooking with different kind of food. Since chopping, slicing, shredding, grinding, pureeing and more. That’s why we will show the four main types you must have in mind.
Batch Bowl Processor
This is most used in the house kitchens.  Collects the food when its processed. The kitchen staff can drop it vertical and select the type of cut they want. its functio is to remove the contents of the bowl and let it empty.
Continuous feed food processor
The benefits of this processor is that you can add the food while it’s running and then it goes to another bowl. you must prove it for your restaurant.
Buffalo choppers 
These ones are a heavy-duty processors. Their main use is for processing meat. The buffalo choppers are not necessary for all kind of restaurants.
Combination processors
This is a middle point between batch and continuous processors. You need an attachment to put it to work.

A good team of mixers

This equipment is the best option for making unique bread and desserts. You will not repent of buying a commercial mixer. Its price will return inmediately. You just need to know the volume of food you are going to offer.
Floor mixers
If you want to buy one option bye recommendation, this is the mixer you need. They can mix amounts of food in a short time because they have high power conditions. It’s ideal for the places that need to cook a big amount of food.
Hand mixers
They are also known as stick mixers or immersion blenders. You can handle them for mixing soups or sauces. They are perfect for emulsifying, chopping or mixing very quickly.
Countertop mixers
You have seen these mixers in house kitchens or small restaurants. they are a good option if you don’t need to cook big amounts of food, desserts or bakes.

Tableware and Miscellaneous Supplies

Dinnerware, plates, glasses, etc… You should buy based on the capacity of your restaurant. Use the following list to determine the amount of tableware your restaurant should buy. Multiply the amount you need by the capacity of the restaurant. You will also need 12 sets of silverware for each table, as well as containers for salt, pepper, and sugar. Also, don’t forget about the napkins and other paper products. Paper products are cheaper in large quantities. So try to order only what you need in large, like used restaurant equipment Chicago is more affordable if you buy large quantities.

If restaurant is your main business activity you must have clarity about all this points. The most important aspect is having your staff with the best work conditions. This will be the first step to your success.
Research, compare and take the better decision for your interests and kind of food. Track your priorities depending on that. Then you will be ready to buy the right equipment. 
Now you know the equipment to buy before opening a restaurant. contact Medieval for high-quality kitchen equipment.