Different Types of Food Slicers

Different Types of Food Slicers

Are you in the service industry? If your business is about preparing food for a living you will need food slicers for your sure road to success. Food slicers help to stock your business with better-prepared food items. Your menu and the kind of restaurant will determine the different types of food slicers you will need.

You may find you will need multiple slicers to get all the job done. Now you will see some important information about food slicers. So, you will have a rough idea of what to be on the lookout for when shopping for the right one.

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Fruits and vegetables slicers

If you are looking for slicers that help you prepare your organic products you will need something small to get fine slices, that’s the case of the mandoline slicer. You can get them in various sizes and shapes. Usually, they are manual. Many restaurants expect from these ones uniform cuts and specialty designs for the various dishes they serve.

Meat and cheese slicers

different types of food slicers meat

When you think about foods like roast beef, you are most thinking about a meat and cheese slicer or maybe a commercial meat cutter. These are bulky and heavy machines. That’s why they handle large wheels of cheese and slabs of meat. 

The weight alone helps to fortify the footing of the slicer so that you can get the most even and beautiful cuts every time you make a pass. Due to sheer force it takes to slice these items perfectly every time, commercial meat cutters are automatic.

Baguette slicers

These slicers are genuinely unique. They come in both manual and automatic versions. The automatic requires you to feed the loaf through a chute, and it comes perfectly cut. The manual slicer is a little more technical, although not difficult to handle. It serves a dual function as it can split the loaf down the middle or evenly cut it piece by piece.

This was a short list of the mos common types of food slicers. If you want a detailed information please contact us. 

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