Coffee Shop Equipment List

Coffee Shop Equipment List

Opening a coffee shop isn’t so easy. But if you can make a detailed coffee shop equipment list you will be near to the success. Coffee is the second most popular drink in the world. So obviously has a major influence in our social lives and daily habits. 

If you want to open a successful coffee shop you will have to research trends, find reliable wholesale partners and order the best coffee shop accessories and supplies for your budget. For the latter, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive coffee shop equipment list to get you started.

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Automatic drip coffee system

Since standard black coffee will account for a good portion of your store’s sales you will want the first item on your coffee shop equipment list for being a coffee maker that pulls its weight. Your coffee maker should be durable enough to produce a high quantity of coffee per day, quick enough to meet demand at the busiest times of the day (usually mornings) and large enough to make sizable batches of coffee. So, you won’t have the need of always brewing coffee throughout the day.

High quality espresso machine

Many typical coffee drinks contain espresso. So, you will need an excellent espresso machine. Unfortunately, the industrial espresso machine market is sprawling and some of the higher quality machines will give you sticker shock. It’s important to understand what makes a good espresso machine and how to make a good value when you find the right one.

coffee shop equipment list espresso

Industrial coffee grinder

coffee shop equipment list grinder

Since more coffee shops use unground beans to make their freshest coffee possible, you will want to add an industrial coffee grinder to your coffee shop equipment. Investing in the right grinder will make all the difference in the flavor profiles and the aroma of your coffee or espresso.