Cleaning Tips for Food Service

Cleaning Tips for Food Service

Each season of the year has it’s own needs when comes the cleaning sessions. Since Spring you must have an extra cleaning, because all the appliances have been quieter than the rest of the year. Also there are some sites that were touchless, upgrades that can’t wait any longer. Next we will give you some cleaning tips for food service.

With so many items in every food service kitchen operator cleaning checklist, we will highlight a few key tasks to keep you focused. Now, it’s time to choose the ones are more relative to your own business.

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Back of house key tasks

Here is where it all happens. And where you’re likely to find the biggest messes. When it comes to kitchen maintenance there are a few thing that it’s necessary to check in your back of house during your latest cleaning.

  • First it’s good sometimes to give your ice machines a good cleaning with a proper ice machine cleaner.
  • You must clean your exhaust hoods, too. A baffle boss can be a good option when removing your hood filters for hood cleaning.
  • You should clean your ventilation system, too. Primarily your exhaust fan belt and make up air belt.
  • Lastly, check your refrigeration units for signs of gaskets or shelving that need replacing.
cleaning tips for food service back

Front of house key tasks

cleaning tips for food service front

Usually you clean your front of house everyday, several times a day. Especially with frequent sanitation top of mind these days. But there are a few tasks you should do only periodically. Now it’s the time to do a deep cleaning in floor and carpets. It’s also a good time to take a look at your windows. Can you open them easily? Could any use replacing? Make sure they’re ready to let in all the fresh air in the heat seasons.

We also recommend you keep your restaurant clean with a scheduled cleaning service. Our recommended companies in Chicago are: cleaning services ChicagoCommercial Cleaning Services ChicagoChicago Maid ServiceRestaurant Cleaning Services ChicagoKitchen Cleaning Chicago. This is just the starting of a few cleaning tips for your food service. If you want more advisory call us and receive the best information.