Used Walk-In Coolers Chicago

Used Walk-In Coolers Chicago

If you’re looking for high-quality used walk-in coolers Chicago, you’re in the right place.

Buy Used Walk-In Coolers For Your Business

You want to make sure that your kitchen has the correct type of material. So, if you’re looking for high-quality commercial restaurant equipment and supplies in Chicago, Medieval is the right place. So, why wait? Purchase used walk-in coolers here.

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Used Walk-In Coolers For Sale in Chicago?

We have a catalog of walk-in coolers that can guide you in acquiring the best product for your commercial kitchen. We know that owning a restaurant is a rewarding but expensive experience, that’s why we offer you the best prices on high-quality used kitchen equipment in Chicago. We guarantee high satisfaction with our products and services.
walk in coolers chicago

Used Traulsen Cooler Chicago

This refrigerator is perfect for countless foodservice operations, maintaining proper interior temperatures, and featuring impressively durable components. Regardless of what ingredients are stored, whether meat, fish, salad, or condiments, it assures that food is perfectly chilled and ready for use.

Flat Top Undercounter Cooler

This unit is a great way to provide out of the way, frozen food storage when space is a limiting factor. Its durable stainless steel top and front are great for commercial use and easy to maintain. Additionally, the aluminum interior is sturdy and provides you with long-lasting use.

Sandwich Prep Cooler Chicago

The perfect size for small kitchens, this prep table gives you the convenience of ingredient storage and plenty of prep space, all in a small footprint! It offers plenty of room to assemble your culinary creations. At the same time, the refrigerated cabinet base below the work area gives you room to store extra ingredients, garnishes, condiments, or topping pans.

The benefits of Used Walk-In Coolers Chicago


Its an integral part of any restaurant

An integral part of any restaurant is its refrigeration systems. Carefully selecting the correct type of refrigeration for a new restaurant will ensure that your commercial kitchen runs smoothly and contribute to a positive experience for staff and customers.

Fast cooling and food conservation

This refrigeration chamber features a fast cooling rate, consistent interior temperature, and a slight temperature difference between the top and bottom. It can maintain a temperature of 2°C to 8°C.

Facilitating stock replenishment

This process is carried out through a side or rear door that gives access to the inside of the unit without leaving the display doors open during replenishment. This does not interfere with consumers’ self-service activity and ensures a fully refrigerated environment without losing the ideal temperature for consumption and product quality.

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