Used Stoves For Sale Chicago

Used Stoves For Sale Chicago

If you’re looking for high-quality used stoves for sale in Chicago, you’re in the right place.

Buy Used Stoves For Sale in Chicago For Your Business

You want to make sure that your kitchen has the correct type of material. So, if you’re looking for high-quality commercial restaurant equipment and supplies in Chicago, Medieval is the right place. So, why wait? Purchase stoves for sale Chicago here.

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Used Stoves for sale in Chicago?

We offer a wide range of used ovens of various brands available to you. We understand that starting a business involves a lot of expenses. That’s why our used commercial ovens are affordable for any pocket and, at the same time, are of high quality. We guarantee high satisfaction with our products and services.
used stoves for sale in chicago

Imperial Burner Gas Range in Chicago

Stainless steel front, sides, rear guard, shelf, landing ledge and kickstand. Stainless steel welded and polished seams. Large 5.0-inch stainless steel landing shelf. Active pilot lights

Imperial Gas Stove in Chicago

It has intense heat in the shape of a cone. Burner has a continuous pilot for instant ignition. Heat selections from low to high heat. Stainless steel cabinet base for storage.

Therma Tek 6 Burner Range in Chicago

This six-burner gas stove features a porcelain interior door panel and removable oven bottom. All stainless steel exterior. Single deck high shelf is standard.

The benefits of Used Stoves in your Restaurant


Allows immediate cooking temperature control and nutrients preservation

Industrial gas stoves or any cooking equipment that works with this fuel allow immediate cooking temperature control. The constant heat generated by gas helps preserve vitamins, proteins, and nutrients in food without sacrificing color or texture.


Shorter Heating Time and Enviromentally Friendly

Gas cooking equipment has a shorter heating time to recover the cooking temperature quickly. In addition, an industrial gas stove uses clean and environmentally friendly energy.


Economical investment, preserve food quality

An industrial gas stove or any cooking equipment that runs on gas will always be a more economical investment in the long run. When you have an industrial gas oven, the fuel helps to create a humid sphere that prevents food from losing liquids.

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Here in Medieval Used Restaurant Equipment, we take pride in everything we offer. We are aware of how demanding it is to maintain a kitchen and the food and beverage industry is one of the most requested out there. With our equipment, we make sure that your business is prepared to face the toughest of workdays. We make sure that your equipment will withstand anything you throw at it. 

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