Use QR Codes in your Restaurant

Use QR Codes in your Restaurant

QR codes offer much more than just digital menus. Now we can help you to use QR codes in your restaurant to implement a strategy that goes far beyond a simple menu. Short for “quick response” scannable QR codes jumped onto the restaurant scene at the onset of the pandemic. QR codes were great for sanitization, servers social distancing and food safety checklist for restaurants.

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QR codes and the time saving

QR codes for restaurants work by launching preset landing pages when guests simply use their smart phone’s camera to scan a QR code sticker or table tent insert with the QR code.

This digital menu reduces the need for paper menus. Whether presented like a web app, web page or templated PDF file, digitized menus saved on paper costs, and reduce the time spent updating and printing new menus.

Benefits of QR code menus

A QR code strategy can offer the following benefits to restaurant operations:

  • Reduction in printing costs. You can significantly reduce the amount of printed menus you need, and reduce your annual menu printing costs.
  • Simple real-time menu updates. You can quickly make changes on the fly, without having to wait for it to get printed.
  • Enhanced menu browsing experience. It can be easier to add item specific images and provide more detailed descriptions. It can also allow to faster navigation of specific items.

QR codes also are a great tool when you need online ordering for your food truck service.

use QR codes in your restaurant rEceive

Receive much more with QR codes

use QR codes in your restaurant benefits

By example, you can see real time pricing or place an order, depending on the type of app you want to use. This is how the process can look like:

  • A guest sits on the table and scans a QR code for pulling up the digital menu.
  • The Qr code can be unique to the table or require the guest to enter specifically to the table number.
  • The guest can browse the menu, add items to the cart, and send order right to the kitchen printer.
  • Some restaurant QR code systems allow guests to start a tab with a pre-authorized credit card, so they can order continuously through their meal and pay when they’re done.
  • Once the guest is ready to leave, they can simply pay for their meal and walk out.

The QR codes uses are really unlimited. if you need more ideas for your business you just have to contact us. We will help you in everything you need.

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