Upsell in your Food Truck Business

Upsell in your Food Truck Business

How to upsell in your food truck business? First you need to know is that sales are all about probabilities, even food truck sales. For example:

  • The probability to sell to a new customer is 5-20%.
  • The probability to sell to an existing customer is 60-70%
psell in your food truck business probabilities

This is the main reason why upselling is so important. Upselling is the art to convince your client to upgrade their order to a better, more expensive, and higher quality option. If you do it right it can enhance your profits and your customer experience. If you do it wrong maybe can be an annoying experience. Now, you will learn how to upsell in your food truck business without pestering your favorite customers.

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Create an offer they can't refuse

Remember that your upselling plan must enhance the customers dinning experience. Probably your client won’t like to buy whatever you are selling if it doesn’t sound appetizing. Be very careful, if you offer to your loyalty clients something they won’t be satisfied, probably they will not just only order anything you offer again. You might even lose this business.

It’s extremely important to focus in your customer experience before your profit needs. If you just focus on your profit this will work for a little while. But it will only hurt you in the long time if you don’t satisfy your clients needs. That’s the reason why you should make them an offer they can’t refuse.

upsell in your food truck business offer

Teach your service staff how to make your products sound delectable. Make sure they know the menu details intimately. so they can make adjustments on the fly. A good employee should be able to recognize usual customers to offer them new products. They must have the ability to sense they will enjoy.

This was the first tip you need to know about upselling your food truck business. Do you want more information? Contact us and receive the best service.

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