Tortilla Press Benefits for Restaurants

Tortilla Press Benefits for Restaurants

Have you ever considered the many unique ways you can enjoy the tortilla press benefits for restaurants. If you have this type of instrument in your kitchen, you could have a tool in your hand that will really make your business shine. Now you will learn about some ways the tortilla press can give you a large variety of exquisite dishes.

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Pita bread

Some restaurants love to serve bread as an appetizer because it’s a great way to keep tehir customers happy. Depending on your restaurant’s cuisine you may offer this complimentary appetizer in the form of pita bread. Additionally, you might serve your pita with other sauces and sauces to level it up. Some people may even serve pita bread in addition of their main courses. Use your tortilla press to make pita bread for gyros, or create a unique taco style that uses pitas instead of tortillas.

Real tortilla chips

if you are already pressing tortillas, why not make chips, too? Everybody loves chips, and by making yours in-house, you can ensure they are always fresh. Just press your fresh tortillas, slice them into smaller pieces, and deep fry them for a few seconds. Soon you will have fresh tortilla chips to go for every kind of customers.

tortilla press benefits for restaurants chips

Personal pizzas

There’s nothing better than a thin-crust pizza. With a tortilla press machine you can eliminate the middle man and make this tasty dish in-house. There’s no need to stretch the dough by hand when you see a tortilla press. You can crank out as many pizzas as you need to. Surely this method is the best way t make pizza.

tortilla press benefits for restaurants pizza

Chinese dumplings

If you have ever made chinese dumplings, you know this is not an easy process. However you can make a most practical process if you have a tortilla press in hand. You can press multiple shifts of dough at once since they are so small. Before you know it, you will have a stack of dough sheets, and you will be making dumplings by the dozen.

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