Tips to Set Up Inventory Management

Tips to Set Up Inventory Management

This is one of the most terrifying tasks in the restaurant business. That’s why we want to give you some tips to set up inventory management. We will learn how to apply an efficient system.
Anyone who worked in commercial restaurants knows that inventory can be a headache. It doesn’t matter the method you use. But if you want your business to succeed it’s necessary to track your costs the better way you can.
The restaurant owners usually have their inventory system integrated with their sale point. There are any other cases when the managers prefer the old pen and paper system. Another way to do it is making a par inventory sheet. Now you will check some tips to set up inventory management.
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The par inventory

 This is a method of inventory for commercial restaurants. The decision makers will choose a “par” or a small supply of the required one. That will complete food inventory. The standard inventory is the amount you expect to have around a given day. When you apply a par, you will have the chance to measure everything depending of the season. It includes any differences between various factors. Days of the week, the weather, various kind of parties, events, and more.

tips to set up inventory management par

Do you want to stablish a par inventory level?

tips to set up inventory management level

The first factor you should check is the arriving time of your items delivered. Another factor to track is the freuqency you receive perishable products, like bread or vegetables. You will have weeks when only receive deliveries from salad dressing suppliers or flour. You will learn to organize inventories with that criteria.

Obviously while more variety of suppliers you have, this task becomes hardest. But it’s a long time work that will give you results in the future. An inventory documented is a successful organization. If you are starting from scratch, though, will be useful to consult every receipt and slips from your suppliers.

The next step is tracking what products are depleted quickly. this measure comes from the time between each delivery. So you will have more information access to begin your par amount inventory.

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