Tips for your Food Truck

Tips for your Food Truck

If you want to open a traditional restaurant you will have to spend around $280,000. When it’s your first business you can easily visualize that a food truck is a friendly option. And that’s why you need the best tips for your food truck.

Let’s see some tips you shouldn’t forget before opening. 

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Evaluate the cost of starting up

You must consider that starting up a food truck is not just a vehicle, food expenses and fuel. Unless you are going to do it everything by yourself you will have to think in hire and training employees. Remember that a food truck will need to be checked, maintained and repaired by a mechanic, like any other car.

Overall, the upfront cost for launching your mobile restaurant service will be cheaper than the traditional option but you will have to invest around $150,000. Along with equipment for your truck and essential supplies, you also need to acquire licenses and permits.

tips for your food truck costs

Learn more about licensing, regulations, insurance, and permits

You must know everything about the big amounts of paperwork and legal costs it’s necessary to handle before you drive your food truck out on the road. In most cases you can drive a food mobile business without a CDL, unless the vehicle is 26,000 pounds or heavier. You need to check with your state’s motor vehicle commission for specifics.

Also you will need comprehensive insurance coverage to protect since the public members,  your equipment, passengers, and finally, you. You have to invest in a warranty for limit out-of-pocket expenses, such as repair.

tips for your food truck license

At last you will have to register and license your business. So, this is the ay to acquire parking permits. Cities and especially big cities have zoning laws that govern where people can park and where businesses can operate. Unfortunately, sometimes these legal expenses can cost you a pretty penny, but they’re necessary for running any mobile restaurant. 

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