The Top Bakery Equipment List

the top bakery equipment list

The Top Bakery Equipment List

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The Top Bakery Equipment List

¿Do you want to know the top bakery equipment list?The purpose of investing in this appliances is increasing in productivity, efficiency and the bottom line of your bakery. So, yo will get better products like:

  • Traditional quality artisan bread.
  • Beautifully decorated cakes.
  • Tasty pastries.
  • To-go desserts.


Deck oven

the top bakery equipment list-oven

This is the first item in the top bakery equipment list. Here you are allowed to cook different kind of cakes in each deck from the oven. it’s perfect for artisan bread, baguettes, ciabatta or sourdough bread. You can put them in each deck made of stone or ceramic. With this kind of oven you will save more floor space, too.

Reach-in refrigerator

Also, you will need a good freezer. Many products you use for bakery need to be refrigerated. It’s a very useful appliance to keep in good conditions eggs, fresh fruits, milk, butter an other ones. 

Keep on mind what size of refrigerator you need. Yo can choose any kind you need depending on your business dimensions. Also, depending on your needs and budget there are a lot of options in terms of technology features. There are some models that will give you reports to your smartphone and electronic devices. Other ones will give you damage reports and auto repairing.

Commercial mixer

the top bakery equipment list mixer

A commercial mixer is a very important appliance for your bakery business. You will need a heavy-duty one, a machine that gives you the chance to blend many different preparations like: 

  • Glossy icings.
  • Fluffy frostings.
  • Cake batters.
  • Cookie and bread doughs.

Most of the commercial mixers come with three basic attachments: Whisk, beater and dough hook. Also they have a power take off hub that can be attacked to make another preparations. They can work like meat grinder or vegetable shredder.