The Best Ribs for Smoking

The Best Ribs for Smoking

If you are running an establishment that offers outdoor cooking specials to its guests, ribs are an item that cannot  be left out of the menu. With juicy meat and perfect flavors seeped into every last bite, ribs are customer favorites that can help you reap the rewards from your barbecue menu. So what are the best ribs for smoking? While this question might have several answers depending’s on people’s subjective tastes. Baby back ribs and spare ribs are among the most sought after when it comes to ribs, be it because of their meat content or juiciness.

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Baby back ribs

These ribs are by far some of the most popular options for smoking over a commercial grill. The lean meat coupled with their shorter cooking times makes for a relatively quick yet incredible tasteful meal. Baby back ribs also happen to be the most popular ribs in butcher shops and grocery stores. Due to their high demand, they tend to be slightly more expensive than other ribs in the lists. The tenderness and lean meat make it ideal evenly smoked delicacy, replete with all the flavors of the seasonings and the smoky undertones.

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St Louis Ribs

Known for their popularity in cook-offs or barbecue competitions. St Louis ribs are the ideal choice for an evenly cooked set of ribs. They contain larger bones compared to their baby back siblings, however the fat marbling in the meat makes it an irresistible choice for several chefs and amateurs alike. They are a variant of spare ribs, with their main difference, being that St. Louis ribs are trimmed to prepare a perfectly rectangular slab that can cook and smoke in the commercial grill evenly.

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These two examples can give you an idea of the most appreciate and delicious ribs for smoking. Do you like the meat cooking in their most perfect preparations? Then you should contact us for more information. We will give you the best advisory.

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