Still having Restaurant Staff Issues?

Still having Restaurant Staff Issues?

Are you still having restaurant staff issues? We are living a crisis that is affecting all the restaurant industry businesses. This is affecting both front and back services and house operations. This trouble is getting bigger by the difficulties to hire cooks, line cooks, servers, bartenders, mainly. 

We can check in every media and job sites a post increasing about hiring vacants. But there are fewer people looking for positions. This is becoming a painful workforce gap that isn’t helping understaff restaurants fill their slots. Here we can add the stress of this crisis -leisure and hospitality-. So, we are living the fastest growing quit rates of all industries.

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Which are the reasons of the shortage restaurant labors actually?

We can say that we are living a perfect storm of converging factors, both related and unrelated to the pandemic. These were the most common concerns that restaurant workers had to deal with:

  • Being regularly exposed to unmasked diners.
  • Poor treatment from frustrated customers by or refusing follow COVID rules.
still having restaurant staff issues labors

In the positive side they experienced a larger-than-usual financial cushion through stimulus checks and larger unemployment checks. This financial cushions finally means that people looking for work can afford to take more time and being pickier about the jobs they want to get. This has exacerbated long-term issues within the industry. Besides restaurants don’t have the best reputation among workers. The may view it as:

  • Stressful and fast-paced.
  • Thankless.
  • Low paying.
  • Lacking benefits.
  • Hard on family and social life because their night, weekend and holiday work hours.
still having restaurant staff issues shortage

This situation has forced to many workers to look not just for many job options if even multiple industries. Some of them are leaving the food business for another industries with more perks to employment. Even the people who had restaurant jobs like first options now are choosing other paths.

We made a little analysis about the restaurant staff  issues. Look for more interesting contents. Also contact us to learn more about our services.