Reduce Waste with Kitchen Equipment

Reduce Waste with Kitchen Equipment

When we use the cooking equipment in the kitchen usually waste a lot of food. By example, the onions. ¿Do we really use its potential? The most common use of this food is to get their skins, swoop them into the bin and finally let them rot into the landfill. Before looking how we can reduce waste with kitchen equipment, let’s see all the uses we can give to onions when we are cooking:

  • First we roast it.
  • Stuff into meats.
  • Manipulate the aroma of a dish.
  • Batter and fry its white fresh flesh.
  • Dice it, suffer and simmer it upon the stove top.
  • We use them in soups, sauces and stocks.
  • The skins lend to stocks a pleasing, warming , saffron shade.
  • We can use them pulverized and dehydrated in dry storage like a great able joining the other familiar spices.

Like this case, there’s a lot of food skins we can reuse in different forms: carrot peels, watermelon rinds, potato skins. Compost is one option but it’s not the better one. It doesn’t have the complete solution to the waste of useful food. There are many food heads that begin to rot in gardens and produce more percentage of carbon dioxide and methane into our atmosphere.

If you ask a professional chef you will see that giving more use to an ingredient is one of the secrets to have an economic kitchen benefit. If you pay for one tomato, you must know when to use it. We decide how much benefit do we get of all the food we invest in. By example yo can begin using a meat grinder to grind vegetables. When the time passes you will see how your numbers move according to this measures.

The relevance of kitchen economics

The future of nutrition in the world turns around the good kitchen economics. Everything is in our hands. We can change our mentality for thinking in all the ingredients bits not like waste. There’s a way to begin to use them like useful parts of the food.

But really can we use tool that helps us in this task? Can we maximize the potential of all the food with equipment assistance? This way of thinking works when we are ready to look for the top bakery equipment list for baking rolls, the way you are roasting meat or the techniques in frying vegetables. Now we are conscious about the respect we need at the cooking time. We will have another point of view every time we work in kitchen. Also it’s important to give another life to all those trash pounds we produce every day.

This is the moment in which we have the goal to invest in running-zero waste restaurants. it’s in our hands take this firs step to save precious resources. Here is where we need the restaurant equipment help.

Specific kitchen equipment solutions

Propper heat transfer
reduce waste with kitchen equipment fryer

After all the food wasted in baskets comes a period where the fryers low their temperature. This means more level of oil burning.  If the fryer can recover faster it will be less oil burning. So we weill have more tasty, savory, aromatic, crunchy onion rings. The result is more resources savings and more delicious food for your customers. Ask for new fryer models that will give you this kind of process. Sometimes you don’t see it but it can be the solution for environment troubles, too.

Constant heat for less moisture consumption
reduce waste with kitchen equipment oven

The better option is a convection oven. Look for all the Kitchen Equipment High Speed Ovens that can give you a good performance. It’s important that this tool let you roast at low temperatures overnight. This equipment has many features, like getting hot very quick but the most powerful option is that every shelf cooks the same way.

Why do we need to use this equipment?

We need to maximize the use of our food. It’s a compromise with all our food producers and the farm workers. Also we have to develop new strategies for fighting against the broken supply chains after pandemics. The little business owners have been suffered a lot because of this nowadays crisis. Another road to think in more solutions is reunite with all the production actors. Farmer, bakers, grocers, butchers and other ones have the compromise to work together to get better solutions for all these aspects. But if we are not good and conscious with the food we process all this work will be wasted. Also is necessary to extend this invitation to make a better treatment to animals, too. 

For doing  good work in saving resources its very important to use the appropriate equipment that will help us in restaurants. It’s time for following in that changing routines respecting our products. The new dynamics affect everybody but on the other side will bring us more benefits in the near future. The new kitchens focus in to be more leaner. Reduce Waste with Kitchen Equipment will help us  providing streamlined controls, automated steaming, baking and timing in all the processes. 

By example, we can talk about ovens that clean themselves. It’ just a change in the capacities to work. We have to learn these new functions to operate optimizing our times but having in mind the benefits for the planet and the resources savings. 

The relationship between humans and machines

reduce waste with kitchen equipment-Machines

In restaurants people work as a team and receive help from their tools. This synergy gives the opportunity to reach their goals. Every person has a different role but its perfect working makes possible the success of all the project. We can improve this process like we will show you now:

  • One cook preps.
  • Another cook grills.
  • Server takes the order.
  • Runner brings the food.

In the middle of this process here we have the manager indications to improve more:

  • One cook cuts vegetables and meat according to the cook that grill needs.
  • The server is a middleman between kitchen and customers. He explains the process for the perfect condition of the final dishes.
  • Finally the runner makes an assistance to all the staff departments.

And if we include the right kitchen equipment in this process the final result will give us total satisfaction:

  • Consistency in the cooked food.
  • Easing the strain upon the cooks, servers, runners and everybody in the restaurant staff.
  • the final goal is ready to be made. Improperly amounts of food held from the landfill is over.

Never forget your main goal. Using all the helping tools you can for making your restaurant a successful and self-sustaining business. You can prepare the best food, get the better equipment and helping the planet.

These are just some examples of the benefits you can put on practices when you discover how to Reduce Waste with Kitchen Equipment.

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