Is Supply Chain Crisis Affecting you?

Is Supply Chain Crisis Affecting you?

When COVID arrived we had the lower points in the business production. Constantly we are looking that demand is going back up again. While the reopenings take place we can say industry is in the middle of a supply chain crisis. There are a lot of factors that can be the reason of this crisis. We have the shortage of raw materials and shipping issues due to temporary port closes. Also until now factories are starting to produce at better levels. This is why we want to help you answer this question: Is supply chain crisis affecting you?

is supply chain crisis affecting you pandemic

It’s something real that the supply chain crisis has disrupted the usual rhythm of mobility and availability of most foodservice products. This trouble goes from refrigerators and ovens to flatware. This also created shipping and fulfillment struggles for equipment providers, now with the pent-up in the equation. 

Now you should prepare for all the strategies you have to make for dealing with this scenario. 

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Longer lead times

Lead times really have became very unpredictable. Nowadays you have to expect for delaying in many deliveries of your orders. In some cases the companies have to wait until 6 months for orders that were faster in past times. Also, sometimes the details about lead times are not readily available.

You can suffer this kind of problems every single day, and some of them won’t be visible until it’s to late to make a formal complain. Try to work with providers that can give you better information for you to stay in the loop of the process.

is supply chain crisis affecting you lead

We recommend you to anticipate as long as you can, using a piece of equipment in the immediate future. So, you will have to make your order as soon as possible. In the case of supplies you should order larger bulks that can get you through several months. Then verify if you can storage a high volume of food and resources.

You can make a lot of plannings for dealing with the supply chain crisis. If you want a deeper advisory just call us and make an appointment.