Food Truck Safety Tips

Food Truck Safety Tips

The food trucks tend to have a bad rep when we are talking about safety rules. Any business that work with the food industry needs to be vigilant and follow proper protocols. if you own a mobile restaurant business, the safety and health of your employees and your customers should be a priority. That’s hwy we will give you some food truck safety tips into this post.

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Plan a good training for your staff

You need employees that will be trained properly in handling food correctly and how to operate the food truck equipment perfectly. there are some states where the kitchen employees need to pass a food handler’s course and acquire an official permission. These courses teach people to have proper sanitation processes, food handling, storage. Also they will learn about preventing the spread of food-borne disease.

Usually FDA provides a handbook for retail food protection. This helps food workers to learn essential employee health and hygiene matters. Your staff probably won’t seek this information on their own. so it’s really your job, as a employer to stay on top of things.

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Take care of you staff health

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It’s a common situation you get an employee working sick. Don’t lose time, you have to send them home. The same case if they get sick at work. You know that sick workers can contaminate food and the equipment he are working with.

Additionally sick workers cannot focus properly. This can be a synonymous of accidents and other hazards. This situation surely will be a red flag for health inspectors. if the health department finds out sick employees were handling and distributing food, you can find major fines or maybe a shutdown.

This was a short list of some of the most common food truck safety tips you must consider when you are starting in this precise food business. We know you want to learn more about this and other recommendations about the food truck industry. You just have to contact us. We will give you the best specialized advisory.  

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