Food Truck Equipment Checklist

Food Truck Equipment Checklist

Are you just starting your food truck business? Keep on reading for the ultimate food truck equipment checklist. Here’s everything you need to know before you buy used restaurant equipment in Chicago.

Cooking Equipment

It’s a must to have cooking equipment to start your business. You can choose a combination of full-size models and countertops so that you can benefit the most from both. Also, the essentials are a top grill, charbroiler, toaster, cheese melters, and fryers. These are the most used cooking equipment for any food truck business. No matter if you’re specialty is tacos or pizza. Either way, you need these essentials.


food truck equipment chacklist. warm

Warming and Holding Equipment

If you want to keep the food at a good temperature, and you surely do, warming equipment is a must-have. This equipment will definitely help you avoid health inspection violations. In case you have any more doubts about these violations or food truck licenses, you can contact our experts. Thus, you can opt for countertop food warmers, fry dump stations, and soup warmers.

Food Prep Equipment

Food Truck Equipment Checklist. Preparables

This equipment has the most-used items for your food truck to succeed. Why is this? Well, because you’re going to need this equipment to get food ready for cooking and serving. You can start with the following.

  • Stainless steel work table: This will mainly depend on your food truck’s counter setup.
  • Cutting boards, knives, and knife racks: Make sure you buy good quality ones because you will use them every day.
  • Skillets or frying pans: With these items, you can steam, pan-fry, and saute.
  • Sauce Pans: It’s a must to cook sauces and broths.
  • Blender or food processor: You can make everything from sauces to smoothies with these items.
  • French fry cutters: If you have fries on the menu, you should get at least a couple of these.

Serving Equipment and Disposables

Food-Truck-Equipment-Checklist. Preparables

You’ll need a good amount of disposable serving supplies since it is a food truck that you’re running. The serving equipment you’ll need is the following. You’ll have to get serving utensils, pump condiment dispensers, squeeze bottles, and sugar and spice shakers. Also, you’ll need paper food trays, paper cups, portion cups, take-out containers, paper napkins, and aluminum food wrap.

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