Create the Best Fall Menu

Create the Best Fall Menu

We are near to pumpkin, spice and more things that taste nice. Fall has finally arrived, and this marks the return of comfort food and carbs that were stolen from us to pay for our dream of beach bodies and summertime brats. It is the season of harvest, bounty, crisp air, and the perfect time to create the best fall menu.

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Savory pies

Pies are the ultimate fall menu item and can be so much more than dessert. Meat pastries and pies are fall staples at dinner tables across the nation and beyond. As the temperatures falls, our appetite rises for a flackey, buttery cross the conceals the medley of veggies, sauces, and protein just under the surface.

Chicken pot pie has been a go-to-pie american cuisine as far back as the 19th century. Much like chicken noodle soup, chicken hot pie has a wholesome reputation as food fit for the soul. With staple ingredients as simple as chicken, onion, carrot, celery, peas, cream, and stock, it is an easy-to-replicate but hard-to-master classic.

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Steaming stews

So, you love saucy gravarey and steaming plates, but don’t want to bother with the presentation of a pie? Then you have to learn about this delicious autumn stew.

This is everything a pie secretly wishes it could be, and it’s the best example of why you should cook with wine. This classic of french cuisine starts with bacon fat and ends with an exquisite forkful of delicate beef, carrots, and onions that will turn curious patrons into regular customers.

create the best fall menu stews

Spiced desserts

create the best fall menu dessert

If you like dessert pies, we have another option, too. But when it comes to dessert as a whole, don’t be afraid to diferentiate yourself with fall treats that can shine just like a bright. 

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