Best Equipment to Prepare Pasta

Best Equipment to Prepare Pasta

Pasta is an Italian delicacy with innumerable fans around the world. Having the best equipment to prepare pasta is something you can’t avoid if you want this great addition into your menu. Even more, serving fresh pasta undoubtedly will fascinate customers. The process of making pasta requires a little time and labour, but the outcome is well worthy. By using quality ingredients and knowing which pasta equipment to use, you will make the best pasta that will make frequenters. 

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Mixing bowls

You can use mixing bowls to mix dough ingredients instead of mixing on a work surface. 

Flour dredger or sifter

A sifter, or a dredger, is a metal tool consisting of a container with holes in its lids. Its design consists in dusting a thin coat of flour on pasta. 

best equipment to prepare pasta flour

Baker's scale

You can use it anywhere in the kitchen, from offering users the same amount of pasta to getting accurate weights while preparing the pasta dough.

Pastry board

pastry boards are to work on, knead, roll, and cut the pasta dough into shapes. They are generally made of wood, plastic, or marble. Wooden boards are the most popular ones and are believed to help the dough to get into the right consistency by absorbing moisture. 

best equipment to prepare pasta board

Pasta rolling pin

Unlike baking rolling pins, pasta rolling pins don’t have handles that provide to roll out larger and thinner dough sheets. Most pasta rolling bins are thinner and larger than baking pins, and it may take some time to master using them.

Pastry scraper

This is a practical pasta equipment used for various pasta-making functions. You can mix the ingredients of dough, divide the dough, or even clean off the dough’s residues from the board, using a pastry scraper.

This was a litle list of some tool equipment you must have when you are having your pasta menu. If you want more information just contact us. We will give you the best service to increase your restaurant’s value.