Benefits of Sous Vide Cooking

Benefits of Sous Vide Cooking

Maybe you have wondered how that one restaurant manages to offer different levels of doneness every day. Or how your favorite restaurant manages to produce the same taste every time you eat there. Well while the can be another factors in play. One of the main tricks on the business is learning the benefits of sous vide cooking.

Remember you can get more benefits if you have in mind fresh produce food safety regulations.

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But... really what is sous vide cooking?

If you are unfamiliar with this method, the name might initially sound intimidating, even though it is quite simple in its logic. “Sous vide” means under vacuum in French. This technique is characterized by using water baths to create controlled, low temperature environments for the food to cook in. By following a few simple steps, you can produce the result you are aiming for.

Should you adopt sous vide cooking?

  • Consistent results are the main reasons why restaurants opt for sous vide cooking. Your customers will expect consistency in their food to come again. Also consistency means reliability.
  • Volume preservation and waste prevention are two factors that go hand in hand. It is known that your products will lose some of their volume in the cooking process, but if you use sous vide, you won’t need to worry about that.
benefits of sous vide cooking adopt
  • Appearance and textures are two components of a meal that a restaurant should be good at achieving. Taste alone cannot distinguish your food from your competitors.
  • No risks of over-cooking or under-cooking. Thanks to the precision of the technique, you won’t need to worry about the doneness of your food.

Sous vide needed equipment

benefits of sous vide cooking equipment
  • Vacuum sealer is a fast alternative to manual packing.
  • If you don’t use vide as often, you could also purchase some reusable freezer bags or canning jars.
  • Pots or plastic containers can be used to conduct the process.
  • Sous vide immersion circulator, also known as a precision cooker, is an essential piece of the sous vide cooking technique.

It’s time to prove a practical option, especially if you want to get into kitchen businesses like food truck or food cart.