The New Trend is the Ghost Kitchen

The New Trend is the Ghost Kitchen

Surely, in the food industry, the new trend is the ghost kitchen. They are also known as virtual or micro cloud kitchens. These are restaurants with no sitting area or service. Instead, ghost kitchens serve food by online delivery. A ghost kitchen service business consists of a kitchen full of all commercial kitchen food fr preparation and cooking, but there is no server staff, no sitting room, or no customers inside.

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Ghost kitchen vs. virtual restaurant

Ghost kitchens usually are confused with virtual kitchens. But they have many differences. A virtual brand is a brand that only serves food through delivery apps, and a ghost kitchen serves the virtual brands. Virtual kitchen companies provide kitchen space equipped fully with commercial cooking equipment and tools for rent. 

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the new trend-is the ghost kitchen virtual

Why should you use a ghost kitchen?

Some restaurants and brands pretend use a ghost kitchen jointly. The food is prepared and cooked in the same kitchen but served into different brands and menus. This can be the main reason of the profits and preferences from many operators to use this type of system.

The types of ghost kitchens

The different operations practicing the concept bring unique forms of giving rise to innovations. These are some examples of ghost kitchen concepts.

Cloud kitchens

Also known as commissary kitchens, this virtual spaces are shared by several brands. An entrepreneur mostly rents a space, fills it with all needed kitchen equipment, and then rents it to restaurants.

the new trend is the ghost kitchen cloud
Incubator kitchens

They receive the name of pop-up kitchens, too. These kitchens are connected to existing restaurants but only serve by delivery. Incubators kitchens are perfect for operators that want to experience the concept of serve online orders.

Kitchen pods

The dark kitchens are freight containers outfitted with kitchen tools and supplies, including all cooking and prepping equipment, electrical connections and plumbing.